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Procurement at Tauranga City Council:

The Procurement function at Tauranga City Council is evolving and improving.  The Council’s Corporate Procurement Strategy was developed in May 2014, kicking off a programme of improvements that will be carried out over the next few years. The programme of improvements will include:

  • Changes to procurement policies, procedures, systems and standard documentation, 
  • Increasing collaboration and improved interactions with suppliers and other organisations

To learn more about the planned changes, click on the following link:

TCC Corporate Procurement Strategy (230kb pdf)

If you are an external consultant procuring goods, services or works on behalf of Tauranga City Council:

External parties providing procurement services to Tauranga City Council are required to follow the same procurement policies and procedures as Council staff, and must use Council’s standard procurement and contract templates.

If you have any questions about TCC’s procurement procedures, or if you wish to view further information including standard TCC procurement and contract templates, please contact Debra Murray, Procurement Support Officer:

If you are a supplier interested in providing goods, services or works to Tauranga City Council:

The following link provides information about supplying products, services or works to Tauranga City Council:

Supplying products, services or works to Tauranga City Council

Last Reviewed: 15/09/2015