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Ajax valves are usually found on the bottom of a hot water cylinder.  There is usually a pipe that goes from the ajax valve through the ceiling and comes out the roof.  This is where water will generally leak from if the ajax valve has blown.

Occasionally, this pipe will go through your walls and vent outside directly into the drainage system.  If you can hear water running or dripping on the roof (and its not raining) then it is probably the ajax valve.

The Waterline team can advise on how to fix these if the ajax valve is in an easily accessible area.  There is a waiting period for Waterline to attend.  This is usually a few days, however, during busy periods it can be 2-3 weeks.  Waterline generally phone you first to confirm a time and day to visit.

Phone 07 577 7000 to contact the Waterline team. 

Last Reviewed: 24/02/2015