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What is Weathertightness?

Weathertightness is the term used to describe the resistance of a building to the weather. Weathertightness is not necessarily waterproofing, but rather ensuring against undue dampness inside buildings and damage to building elements as a result of this moisture.

Weathertight Homes Financial Assistance Package

Tauranga City Council is participating in the Government’s Weathertight Homes Financial Assistance Package (FAP).

The package is designed to give leaky home owners another option for recouping repair costs. It offers homeowners the certainty of a financial contribution and helps to get more leaky homes fixed faster.

Tauranga homeowners eligible for the FAP may receive a 25% contribution to repair costs from Tauranga City Council, depending on whether Council was involved in the building inspection process at the time.

Homeowners eligible for the FAP will receive a 25 per cent contribution to repair costs from the Government, regardless of whether the Council also contributes to repair costs.
Anyone who thinks they may be eligible for the FAP should contact the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment on 0800 116 926.

Financial Assistance Packages (FAPS) information packs

Information on eligibility is available on the Department’s website,

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment  will manage claims and work with local councils where relevant.

Background to the Weathertightness Issue

Since the mid-1990s, a considerable number of houses in New Zealand have been built using methods that won’t withstand the weather conditions in New Zealand and therefore will not comply with the New Zealand Building Code. When it rains, some houses are leaking because of problems involving design and installation of materials. In some cases the materials themselves have been used inappropriately.

Once the water or moisture gets behind certain cladding types, and if there is no drainage and ventilation between the cladding and the framework, the water becomes trapped and the potential for fungal growth and rotting rapidly increases.

Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 

The WHRS Act is administered by two government agencies, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Weathertight Homes Tribunal (provided by the Ministry Of Justice).

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment receives the claim applications and if the above criteria are met, the Department provides owners of leaky homes with a low-cost assessment of the weathertightness problems, as well as an estimated cost to repair it.

The Department also provides advice and access to dispute resolution services. Claimants are encouraged to repair their property if possible before filing for adjudication with the judicially independent Weathertight Homes Tribunal.

More information about making a claim can be found on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment  website.

Last Reviewed: 09/12/2014