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Tauranga City Council has enjoyed sister city relationships with Yantai China for 28 years and Hitachi Japan for 26 years.

While in the past the focus has mainly been on developing friendship and cultural exchanges, in recent years there has been greater emphasis on maximizing all opportunities and delivering economic returns.

To achieve this Tauranga City Council developed a model which it believed would assist in a wider delivery of outcomes. Tauranga City Council retains the overall coordination of the sister cities activities and contracts specific sector representative organisations to deliver key objectives linked to the sister cities strategy. The organisations provide six monthly reporting to Council on achievements and tracking against objectives.


  • Sector to sector relationships occurring
  • Increase in new initiatives 
  • Greater spread of resources/energy 
  • Business community ownership
  • Tangible outcomes/benefits for ratepayer and business (targeted rate)
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Coordinated and supported approach
  • Wider ownership and involvement of Sister City objectives 
  • Tapping into a broader network of people locally and globally

The contact person for sister cities is the Manager:  Governance Services Yvonne Tatton.  Phone 07 5777093

Last Reviewed: 04/07/2014