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Tauranga City Council and Youth Engagement

Tauranga is a fast growing and vibrant city full of opportunities. It is a great place for young people to grow up, study, work and have fun. As Tauranga continues to grow, we need to make sure that our city develops to meet the needs of young people and that the ideas and opinions young people are heard.

Tauranga City Council is committed to making sure that youth are aware of and engaged with Council planning and processes. 

TUIA Te Here Tangata

In 2017, a new youth leadership programme ‘Tuia Te Here Tangata’ will focus on developing and enhancing the leadership skills of young Maori in Tauranga.
Mayor Brownless will mentor a young Maori leader from Tauranga Moana on a monthly basis, involving both formal and informal meeting occasions that will assist their growth as a local leader. The relationship will also provide both partners with the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into inter-generational issues, cultural values and experiences.
The selected rangatahi is expected to undertake a community service project in their respective communities and attend five leadership development wananga throughout Aotearoa over the course of the year.

Who is eligible for the programme?
The Mayor will select a young Maori who meets the following criteria:

  • Is aged between 18-24 years
  • Is actively involved in contributing to the wellbeing of their community at some level
  • Has support from others to participate in the programme (whanau/hapū/pakeke/employers/ community etc.)
  • Is open minded and willing to contribute to discussions and workshops
  • Is able to travel to leadership workshops throughout the country
  • Is well-organised and has the ability to manage their time and commitments effectively
  • Is innovative, self-managing and adaptable

How to apply?
Rangatahi need to read through the TUIA prospectus, and send their CV and thoughts (by letter, video or another medium) on the subject “Hangaia ake nga aheitanga mo nga rangatahi o Tauranga – Creating Opportunities for Youth in Tauranga” to, post to Tauranga City Council, Private Bag 12022, Tauranga 3143 or drop into our Customer Service Centre, 91 Willow Street. Attention all applications to: Anthony Campbell. Applications close 12 noon on Wednesday, 22 February 2017 with the selection panel making their decision that afternoon.

Youth Engagement Plan

In 2016 Tauranga City Council Elected Members approved the Tauranga Moana Rangatahi Youth Engagement Plan. Developed in collaboration with Tauranga City Council, young people and Stakeholders, the Tauranga Moana Rangatahi Youth Engagement Plan outlines Council’s commitment to engaging with our young people and planning for the future.

The Tauranga Moana Rangatahi Youth Engagement Plan has four key goals:

  • give young people a voice in local decision-making through purposeful engagement
  • create confidence in young people for them to be able to have a voice
  • help shape our city to be more youth-focused
  • encourage future leaders from within our community

Youth Action Plan

Tauranga City Council is now working with young people, providers and stakeholders to develop new projects and initiatives aligned with the Tauranga Moana Rangatahi Youth Engagement Plan that will become our Youth Action Plan. The Youth Action Plan will provide ways for young people to contribute to the growth of our city; develop future leaders; and showcase the exceptional young people doing great things in Tauranga.

Last Reviewed: 16/02/2017