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Background: Tauranga City Council and Youth Engagement, Youth Engagement Toolkit, Youth Forum 


Background: Tauranga City Council and Youth Engagement

Tauranga City Council is committed to making sure that youth are aware of and engaged with council processes.

A number of youth events, workshops and consultations have been held over the years on specific issues Council believes are of interest to and immediately impacting on the youth in our community.

Some of the youth events / projects to date:

  • 2010 Local Government Elections: candidate evening with Ewen Gilmour
  • In 2010 Council successfully received $108,000 from the Youth Development Partnership Fund to help the Merivale Community Centre deliver the Merivale Youth Spaces project. 
  • Workshops to discuss waste management and minimisation
  • Consultation on council’s liquor-free zones through Facebook
  • Mayoral breakfasts with secondary school young leaders
  • Mayoral breakfasts with our young professionals

To name a few…

What’s happening now? – Youth Engagement Plan

Council is in the development stages of a Youth Engagement Plan.  Youth from all sectors of the community will be invited to partake in the development of this Plan; from the initial ideas stage right through to presenting the final Plan to Council.  This will be completed and presented to Council by June 2016.   If you would like to be involved or know more about this process, contact Jane Denton in the Community Development Team on 07 577 7000 (see the attachment, ‘Your City, Your ideas’).

Youth Engagement Toolkit

This toolkit will be reviewed as part of the Youth Engagement Plan process.

The toolkit is a resource that helps Council staff work with and engage with young people in Council projects, activities and issues. Different methods of engagement are discussed such as having an online presence, social networking sites, and texting. This provides an opportunity for Council staff to tailor the communication method to the project and budget they are working to. The will help Council to be more effective in the way that we engage with young people and also provide more opportunities for young people to have their say!

Last Reviewed: 07/12/2016