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Building? Renovating? You may need building consent for your project

Council’s Building Services and Inspections teams can help you with a range of building needs and requirements including:

  • building consent application advice and processing
  • project information memoranda (PIMs)
  • land information memoranda (LIMs)
  • building inspections
  • code compliance certificate applications
  • compliance schedules and building warrant of fitness
  • specific guidelines for swimming pools, fencing, earthworks and trees

Tauranga property files are all available electronically. When you request a property file through our customer service team you’ll receive your file on a USB to take away and use whenever you like.

When you’re ready to lodge your building consent, book an appointment with our customer service team. They can check that you have given us everything we need to process your application before you lodge it, which will help to make the building consent process quicker for you.

You will also need to check whether you require resource consent for your work. A resource consent is a decision issued by the Council to let you carry out an activity on your site that is not permitted under the District Plan or City Plan.  Many people who apply for building consent in Tauranga also require resource consent.  

Take a look at the Ecodesigner website for information on making your building more sustainable.

Learn more about resource consents


Building and Housing’s Beginner’s Guide to Resource and Building Consent Processes,

Last Reviewed: 19/03/2014

Obtaining a Copy of the Building Code

Copies of the Building Code are available from:

  • Victoria University Bookshop - to view and copy
  • Government bookshops to purchase
  • Scenario 0800 370 370 to purchase
  • Tauranga Library to view and copy (charges apply)

NB: The NZ Building Standards documentation is available to view.  This is in agreement with Leslie Goodliffe of the Library.

Last Reviewed: 04/03/2014