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Fees & Charges

The fees and charges relating to building consents are set out in Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule.  The charges relate to all applications.

Full list of Fees and Charges (216kb pdf)

Please note that all lodgement fees are deposits unless otherwise stated.  All deposits are non-refundable. 

Once the building consent has been approved the balance of the fees will need to be paid in full upon collection of the consent.

Please note that your final building consent fees may also include development contributions.

All fees listed below are inclusive of GST.

Development contributions

Building Consent Lodgement Fees (non refundable)

as at 01/07/2015

Please note: lodgement fees can only paid by cash, cheque or credit card (not internet banking).


Residential Dwellings

Alterations/Additions ($10,000 and under)


Alterations/Additions (over $10,000) 


New dwellings


Multi unit developments (greater than three units) - (initial lodgement only - portion may be refunded if actual costs incurred are less than lodgement fee)


Transportable dwellings


Solar Heating installation (balance to be rate funded)


Commercial / Industrial

Additions and alterations


New buildings


PIM Only/Territorial Authority Assessment


PIM/Territorial Authority Assessment lodgement fee - Residential and Commercial


Other Building Consent Charges

Issue Building Consent


Issue Code Compliance Certificate $90.00
  • Building Code Plan Processing Fee @ $187 per hour
  • Site Inspection Fees @ $125 per 0.5 hours

Other Building Consent Charges could include:

  • Asset Bond $770 or $1550 with Inspection Fees of either $220 or $317 
  • Water/Drainage Connection inspections $133
  • Value based Government levies for work $20,000 and over.
  • Earthworks Monitoring for work over 100m2 $194

Last Reviewed: 13/01/2016

Other Building Charges:

as at 01/07/2015


For an inspection as requested by a client and the project is not ready for inspection:


For a general inspection not requiring a specific certificate


For an inspection requiring specific certification requested by an owner (ie, lifts, electrical, ventilation, fire alarms, etc)

Charges based on an hourly rate

Where in any particular case, a charge is inadequate to enable Council to recover its actual and reasonable costs in respect of the matter concerned, Council may require payment of an additional charge.  
Safety and Health Assessment of non-consented building works (Safe & Sanitary)


NZ Fire Service Review Unit Charges

Actual Cost

Last Reviewed: 28/07/2015

Code Compliance Certificate Charges

as at 01/07/2015


Issue certificate only


Additional copy of certificate


Last Reviewed: 28/07/2015

LIM Report Fees

How much does it cost for a LIM?

Last Reviewed: 10/07/2015

Compliance schedule fees


Schedule application base fee


Plus fee per feature identified in Schedule


Issue additional copy of Compliance Schedule


Building Warrant of Fitness site audit


Process Building Warrant of Fitness


Amendment to Compliance Schedule


Plus fee per feature removed/added


Last Reviewed: 24/01/2014