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A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) is a guidance document for building. If requested, a PIM is issued by the Council prior to the issue of a building consent. A PIM ensures that the building project complies with the Building Act, Tauranga City Plan and that natural hazards have been taken into account.

The Building Act 2004 now makes a PIM optional. The building consent application form provides for an optional PIM application at the same time and on the same form. Council is required to provide the PIM within 20 working days of the request.

It is a good idea to apply for a PIM in advance of a building consent if your project is particularly large or complex, or if you require information regarding the suitability of the land.

PIM fees and charges

PIM applications need to include information about:

  • intended use of the building
  • legal description of the land, and location and external dimensions of the building
    provisions for vehicle access
  • provisions for stormwater and waste water disposal and connection to other services. Water connections for industrial and commercial buildings will require the applicant to consult with City Waters prior to the application of the building consent
  • where applicable, special provisions where the work will be close to a road or public place or existing underground services
  • details of any resource consents granted and 
  • any other information reasonably required by the Council

 In return, the Council will provide information on:

  • other legislation that the proposal is to comply with that may or may not be administered by Council (eg Historic Places Act, Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act) 
  • information relevant to your building proposal, such as location of underground services, likelihood of flooding and subsidence, and whether development contributions are payable 
  • information on other authorisations you may need i.e. resource consents

 How long does a PIM take to process?

  • The Council is required to provide it within 20 working days.

How much does a PIM cost?

New Subdivisions without Certificate of Title

Where a building consent has been requested and the subdivision has not been issued a 224 Certificate by Council (certificates of title are issued after 224 Certification), an applicant may apply for a PIM and building consent if they can meet all the requirements of the Application checklist

A building consent may be issued for infill subdivision of three lots or less. These are accepted on a case by case basis, providing that the new lots do not require consent notices to be registered on the property title and/or geotechnical reports as part of the 224 Certification process.

Application checklist (123kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017