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Property Files

Order and Pay for a Property File Online

When you request a property file you will receive it on a USB stick. It's yours to keep and look at whenever you like.

What is on a property file?

  • Building consents
  • Building plans
  • Code compliance certificates
  • Certificate of Acceptance Documents
  • As-builts (internal sewer and stormwater plans)
  • Council correspondence related to structures on-site and/or non-compliance 
  • Planning and subdivision information - Resource Consents

The scanned images of the property files are high-resolution and very good quality so you can be assured of a replica of the original.

Fees and delivery

The fees for property files are agreed in each Annual Plan and are outlined below. All prices are GST inclusive.









Property files will take up to three days before they are ready for collection or delivery by courier post. Please allow two days for delivery by courier (delivery not available on weekends or public holidays).

All associated cross-lease properties and unit title property information will be provided in the property file.

Please contact us on 07 577 7000 for more information.



Last Reviewed: 27/03/2017