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Tsunami Survive

Household Emergency ChecklistTsunami Survive is a local community plan for the escape of tsunami in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa. It is specifically targeted toward "local source tsunami" and the actions required from first awareness to an official response. 

Be Prepared

  • Create and practice your household emergency plan
  • Have your getaway kit prepared for fast evacuations
  • Identify safe places in your community and know how to get there
  • Make sure each member of your family knows where the safe zones are

Earthquake, think Tsunami

  • Shaking strong enough to knock you off your feet
  • Prolonged shaking (greater than one minute)
  • Sea level suddenly rising or falling
  • The sea makes loud and unusual noises or roars like a jet engine
  • Don't wait for sirens

Get InlandFootprints

  • Walk or cycle. Don't rely on cars, expect traffic chaos
  • Natural high points (hills or inland)
  • Use strong multi-story Buildings if you can't get to natural high points

After the TsunamiRadio

  • Check yourself for injuries and get first aid if needed
  • Turn on your radio for civil defence advice
  • A tsunami consists of multiple waves over many hours, stay where you are until you’re given the official all clear
  • Use text messages for contacting family members, save voice calls for emergencies only
  • Register at a welfare centre for assistance and to help locate your family and friends

Last Reviewed: 30/11/2016