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Maps Online - Mapi

Access the online mapping system

Please note that Mapi is not currently supported by Google Chrome.  To view Mapi you will need to use another browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

Mapi is a free application that uses GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to enable you to view property and land information, networked services, the City Plan and aerial photography for Tauranga City.

Mapi replaces the old TCC map viewers – WebView Xtra and CityZoom

Mapi is easy to navigate and has some extremely useful features that will continue to be developed. With Mapi you can:

  • Search for property information
  • See the latest aerial photography
  • Find the location of council-owned water, wastewater and stormwater pipes
  • View contours over your property
  • View City Plan information
  • Add your own map layers

Before getting started

  • Please ensure your PC is up to date and has the latest version of Silverlight installed. Older web browsers, some non-Microsoft mobile devices, ipads, tablets and some operating systems are unable to use Silverlight.
  • We will be releasing a HTML5 version soon which will be able to be used on a greater number of mobile devices and operating systems.
  • For complete functionality to be available you will need to allow pop ups for the site on your browser.

Get Silverlight

Help and documentation

Contact Us

For further information please contact the Tauranga City Council Geospatial team directly or contact our Customer Call Centre on 07 577 7000.

Request a Map

Please give us a specific street address or location when making a map request. There are different layers of data that you can ask to have included in your map, including:

  • utility services (water / wastewater / stormwater)
  • contour lines
  • district plan zone information
  • property boundaries
  • street number labels
  • street name labels
  • aerial photograph background

Marine Charts

Tauranga City Council does not hold marine charts. 

Last Reviewed: 02/03/2015

Fees and Charges

as at 24/03/2014

Consultancy Fee


Hourly rate - minimum charge of one hour, then charged per 1/2 hour

$125 / hr

AO - per copy


A1 - per copy


A2 - per copy


Photocopying / Printing

Black and White  
A4 - original - per copy


A3 - original - per copy






Deposited Plans


Last Reviewed: 03/03/2015