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September 2011 - Planning Newsletter



Welcome to our September newsletter issue. Aside from consent processing work we have been busy with a few other tasks including reporting for the biennial Ministry for Environment RMA Survey of Local Authorities. Survey results are expected to be released near the end of October by the Ministry so keep an eye out.

The court timeframe for mediating the City Plan appeals over the coming month has added pressure to the Policy team. To help out over the remainder of the financial year Shanan Miles, one of our Intermediate Environmental Planners, will be seconded to Policy to help with the more day to day matters, and plan variation work.

It’s a busy time throughout Council at the moment as teams prepare budgets and data for the Ten Year Plan for the coming three years. Elected Members and the public will have the chance to consider these through the Ten Year Plan process which kicks off later this year.

And finally, some of you may be aware that both Rebecca and Natalie will be taking maternity leave at the end of this year leaving the Manager and Team Leader positions to be filled over a maternity leave period. We are currently in the process of advertising to fill these vacancies and will let you know when we’ve successfully filled them. The Team Leader is advertised internally. Please check out the Manager’s position on the attached link.

Resource Consent Forms

You may notice a slight change to the resource consent application forms. These have been recently amended to be used for all application types (including temporary activities) and to make reference to the Infrastructure Development Code (IDC) when checking off the relevant information to include with an application. Electronic copies are available on our website along with pre-application and lodgement forms. If you still have some old forms lying about – now is a good time to print some new ones!


Just a reminder to check the current fees schedule when lodging an application for resource consent. As most of you are aware TCC updates its fees and charges annually. The revised fees are effective from 01 July each year.

It is also important to be aware that any application is not considered complete until the correct deposit fee has been received in full. In the majority of cases there is no problem, however, as advised by our customers it can be a logistical exercise to request more funds from a client. The link below will take you to Council's Fees and Charges Schedule with directions to the Planning team deposit fees.

Pre Application Meeting

From Council’s perspective the pre-application process has been working well and a lot of our customers in the development community have really got on board with the process. The City Plan has now been a consideration in terms of legal weight for rules, with some being operative since 26 March, and has proved a challenge at times that most are taking in their stride.

In order for us to provide the best advice we can, the level of detail provided at the pre-application discussion is key. We understand that at this stage the project is in its infancy but the more details we have to hand the better we can understand the District Plan and City Plan implications. If possible the following information should be provided:

  • preliminary site plan and elevations; 
  • sketch landscaping plans if relevant; 
  • any initial specialist advice in respect to Traffic/Parking, Visual/Landscape Assessments, Engineering advice; and 
  • relevant site history. 

Council’s in house specialists are also available for theses discussions. However it is important to understand their role is to comment on how the project in front of them achieves the intent of the planning framework and what considerations need to addressed.

Resource Consent Statistics

The table below shows the volume of applications lodged with Council and their status for June, July and August 2011.

Total number of consent applications lodged in the last three months


Total number of consent applications being processed on a notified basis


Total number of consent applications granted in the last three months


Number of appeals outstanding


Percentage of consent applications granted in last three months within statutory timeframes


Proposed Tauranga City Plan

The Environment Court has scheduled mediation on all of the 50 appeals lodged to the Proposed City Plan. These mediations are now underway with the assistance of a court appointed mediator. There are a range of city planning policy and site specific matters under appeal so each mediation has its own flavour and possible outcomes. Planners in the team are fully occupied in dealing with mediation issues.

Those parts of the Proposed City Plan not affected by an appeal and are 'effective' and beyond challenge are currently being identified. The aim is to publish a Proposed City Plan update that identifies this for all our customers in the near future.

Contact: Kim Masters or Campbell Larking.

Development Contributions

Significant work continues on a series of policy papers to Council on the "growth pays for growth" approach applied by Council through development contributions. A number of issues are being discussed between elected members, staff and groups with a specific interest in this policy. This policy discussion is part of Council's wider consideration of its next 10 Year Plan, covering the 2012-2022 period.

Contact: Andrew Mead.


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Published: Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011 10:00 by Tauranga City Council