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Rubbish and Recycling Overview

Our aim is to ensure sustainable waste management (rubbish collection, disposal and reduction) which protects public health and the environment.

This also means keeping our city clean, tidy and free of litter.

  • Council’s Solid Waste team manages waste collection and disposal, litter collection, closed landfills and waste minimisation programmes. 
  • Litter collection and closed landfills are funded from rates.  Rubbish collection, composting and the Transfer Stations are paid for through user charges or rental of the facilities. 
  • Waste minimisation programmes are funded through the national waste levy.
  • Our challenge over the next decade is to reduce the waste that has no potential to be reused as a resource (residual waste) to an absolute minimum.

All Councils’ solid waste operations take into consideration the preferred options according to the waste hierarchy, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or Recover resources before disposal as waste.

Last Reviewed: 21/01/2014