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Recycling helps to ‘close the loop’ in recovering resources. Recycling enables materials to be processed and remade into new products. 

By recycling we can reduce depletion of natural resources, energy/water use and reduce waste to landfill. 

Tauranga City Council actively lobbies central government to enforce product stewardship in New Zealand. Product stewardship means that manufacturers take responsibility of their products and recycling can be built into the cost of a product. A successful example of product stewardship scheme in New Zealand is Resenes Paintwise scheme.  Other current voluntary schemes can be found at the Ministry for the Environment website

In Tauranga you can recycle your household domestic waste types: 

All complaints about non-collection of kerbside collection or free paper collection should be directed to the contractor who provides your kerbside collection service.

In Tauranga you can recycle your commercial waste types:

In December 2013 the Digital switch over will be happening in Tauranga. Disused televisions can be recycled through the following contacts:

Last Reviewed: 16/04/2014