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Progress result - Museum Referendum

Voting for the museum referendum closed at midday today. The progress results below are based on the counting of approximately 97% of the returned voting papers. The voter turnout rate is 30.21%, being 28,878. This excludes votes in transit to the processing centre and special votes.

The progress update of the votes that have been received and processed today are as follows and available on our museum referendum page.

Do you support Tauranga City Council including a museum in the 2018/2028 Long Term Plan?

No:  16,895
Yes: 11,524
Informal:  4
Blank voting papers: 455

In terms of location of the museum, do you support:

A. Cliff Road?
No:  14,980
Yes: 7,528
Informal: 7
Blank voting papers: 6,363

B. Willow Street?
No: 14,131
Yes: 7,300
Informal: 5
Blank Voting Papers: 7,442

The preliminary results will be released tomorrow, and final results will be collated and published Thursday, 3 May 2018. This is a non-binding referendum to inform Council’s decision-making on whether or not to invest in a museum, and where the museum should be located. The results will be considered alongside Long Term Plan submissions. Council’s final decision on a museum will be made on 28 June when the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan is adopted.

Posted: May 1, 2018,
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