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What is Smart Economy?

Smart Economy Strategy ReviewThe strategy was updated in 2007 and reviewed in 2012.

Smart Economy is the economic development strategy for the Western Bay of Plenty sub-region, developed to achieve specific economic growth outcomes. The strategy aims to make the Western Bay of Plenty the business location of choice based on sun, sea, soil and skills, resulting in a highly productive, competitive and export-based economy.

Implementation of the strategy is a collaborative process involving the region's three local authorities, central government agencies, business support organisations, training/education providers and businesses in key sectors in the region. The Implementation Group meets quarterly throughout the year to lead monitoring and audit of the strategy and to support strategy partners. The process is managed, monitored and reported on by Priority One.

High level outcomes are:

  1. per capita GDP has grown faster than the national average 
  2. the value of the sub-region's exports as a proportion of total output has increased
  3. a survey of businesses shows that business profitability has increased 
  4. average household income has increased faster than the national average
  5. there has been a reduction in the percentage of households in the bottom quartile of national income
  6. the level of skills of the workforce has increased relative to the national average.  
  7. a survey of businesses shows that sustainable business practices are increasing

The achievement of these outcomes will contribute to a sustainable and thriving economy together with delivering an enviable quality of life.

If you would be interested in taking part in the Smart Economy implementation process or would like more information, contact Priority One


Last Reviewed: 11/04/2017