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Memorial Park


Memorial Park

Memorial Park is the central city's premier park. The park makes up 11 hectares of land sitting next to the harbour between 11th and 7th Avenues. Features of the park include:

  • two very popular playgrounds 
  • a water fountain 
  • Humpty Dumpty! (He's 50 years old.) 
  • a skate ramp (half pipe) 
  • free barbeques 
  • Memorial cenotaph 
  • Memorial Pools  
  • miniature railway and mini golf 
  • Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre and Memorial Hall

There are two large fields that are often used for events: Jordan Field and Memorial Field.

Public toilets are available at the Rowing Club building and at the rear of the QEYC, opposite the miniature rail station.

Memorial Pools 

Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre

The Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre and a private restaurant are at the 11th Avenue side of the park.

Last Reviewed: 31/10/2016