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Sportfield Updates

This page contains information on alerts/updates/projects and maintenance of Tauranga City's Active Reserves.


The Winter Season bookings have now closed and are being processed, confirmations will be sent out to organisations in writing by the end of February 2017.  If you would still like to make a booking, please fill in the request form and send it into Council for processing after the end of February.

Sport Season - Winter 2017 - Booking Request Forms

It's time to make your booking requests for the forthcoming summer season - 1 April to 30 September 2017. 
We will not be accepting 'blanket bookings' as this prevents other users from having access to the fields and also means that everyone has to duplicate making their bookings and then confirming their actual requirements. Instead, please make a request for what you will actually be requiring (most organisations can do this based on what they actually used last year). If you are a Regional Sports Organisation and booking the games, then please fill in as many details on the forms as possible and then attach your draft/confirmed draw to your email reply. 

Form guidelines;

  • The forms are user friendly and only require you to fill in the yellow areas, many of which are drop down menus that you can select from.
  • Regional Sports Organisations book the local competition games.
  • Clubs book the training and club tournaments.
  • Clubs book the games for the non-local draws that they play in.
  • There are tabs for individual booking types at the bottom of your screen when you open the attachment, please make sure that you are using the correct tab for your booking type.
  • Any bookings required before the 1 April - need to be made separately to these request forms (please do not add a note onto your submission for winter dates as this will not be actioned).
  • For Athletics bookings at Tauranga Domain and people using The Lakes please note there is a separate form for you to complete on the last two tabs

Please ensure that you have read and understood the Active Reserve User Agreement, and if you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible.

See the booking information page for details and forms.


Updated Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Winter bookings
The majority of bookings have now been confirmed for the winter season, if you have not had a confirmation of haven't discussed your requirements with me (e.g. I have already spoken to the RSO's in regards to getting their competition draws when they are done), then please get in contact asap.

Floodlight codes
Codes will be getting sent out over the next few weeks for all those with winter bookings who will need them.  If you haven't received a code by the start of April and need one then please let me know.

We are now getting close to capacity in regards to field availability which is a reflection of the rapidly growing city that we live in. This means that we may not always be able to offer you exactly what you would like when making your booking requests. At times you will need to be flexible with your requests, prioritise which teams use which fields, encourage teams to train on different nights of the week or travel to other reserves. We appreciate that this may not always be the easiest for you to arrange with your team but we do appreciate your efforts and want you to know that we do wherever possible aim to meet your requirements and do not decline your requests lightly.


We have now finalised the renovation calendar and also when we will be moving floodlights on reserves. In addition to these renovations there will also be other 'light' renovations going on at other reserves which will mean the ground may be bumpy but can still be played on.

Autumn Renovation Plan 2017 (79kb pdf) 


There are no project updates at present

AIMS Games

The games are taking place this year on the following reserves between the 10 and 15 September 2017 - during this time availability will be limited. If you hope to have a booking during this time on the reserves listed below please contact the Parks Booking Coordinator asap to discuss.

  • Arataki Park 
  • Blake Park
  • Links Avenue 
  • Macville Park 
  • Waipuna Park

Tauranga Domain

New fees for the use of the Athletics Track came into affect on the 1 October 2016, please see attached for more information.

Athletics track fees and charges - Tauranga Domain

Last Reviewed: 10/03/2017