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Who can apply for the Resource Wise Community Fund

Before applying, please make sure your project meets the application criteria.

Guidelines for applicants (117kb pdf)

The Resource Wise Community Fund is open to applications from individuals, community groups, businesses, Iwi/Maori organisations and education providers who want to deliver waste minimisation projects within Tauranga.

The projects we fund must:

  • be located within Tauranga city boundaries
  • support and align with the vision of our WMMP (4mb pdf). 
  • have waste minimisation at the core of the project, not general sustainability 
  • educate about, or achieve waste minimisation.

What we don’t fund

  • litter clean ups 
  • waste disposal services including pick up or disposal of materials (including recycling and composting)
  • existing activities or ongoing financial support of current activities (unless otherwise agreed with Council)
  • projects that focus on waste disposal or treatment of waste for disposal (including energy from waste)
  • running costs of existing activities of organisations, individuals or firms
  • projects already funded or part funded by Council in the same financial year
  • projects that undermine existing initiatives or other funded proposals
  • support for individual events such as bins, signage and staff
  • replication of other projects or pilots programmes with no expansion in the scope or coverage of existing activities.

Last Reviewed: 05/06/2018

Need help with your application?

Contact the Resource Recovery Coordinator on 07 577 7200 ext 7684 or at resource.recovery@tauranga.govt.nz


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