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Kaumatua Forum


  1. Affords an opportunity for Kuia and Koroua of Tauranga Moana to raise issues and concerns for them with the Mayor, Chief Executive and staff. (Rangatira ki te Rangatira)  
  2. Offers an opportunity for Kuia and Koroua of Tauranga Moana to be updated on Council projects that have been identified as significant to them ie Tauranga Heritage Collection 
  3. Provides a reference forum to the Tauranga City Council’s Takawaenga Maori Unit and Te Pau Arahi of the Tauranga Heritage Collection Maori on tikanga and kawa relating to nga iwi me nga hapu o Tauranga Moana.  

Kaumatua Forum Members


Membership is open to any person of kaumatua status in and around Tauranga Moana.


Mererina Murray,  Manager, Takawaenga Maori (Takawaenga Maori Unit)
Dean Flavell, Cultural Heritage Manager (Tauranga Heritage Collection)

Meeting Format and Frequency

The meetings are generally chaired by the Takawaenga Maori Unit and supported by Te Pau Arahi.
Meetings are held on a bi-monthly basis or when required.


Mererina Murray
Ph: 07 577 7008

Last Reviewed: 12/07/2016