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Harington Street parking building redevelopment

Working toward making it safe and easy as possible for people to travel into the city, we are constructing a new car parking building and bicycle hub in Harington Street.

Coming in early 2020:

  • 250 bike parks
  • 550 car parks
  • 53 motorbike parks
  • Electric charging points for cars and e-bikes
  • Shower and locker facilities for people who ride bikes

Harington parking building artist impression
Artist impression of Harington Street parking building

What’s involved?

Work started Tuesday, 19 June 2018, towards constructing a new car parking building and bicycle hub on the Harington Street off-street car park site. 

There are some road closures associated with this work. We will maintain access to the Tauranga Library, Kingsview Resort, Harrington House and the CAB carparks throughout the construction.

What are the hours of work?

Planned work hours for the construction are Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm.  There may be a requirement for additional work hours. Neighbouring residents will be informed as and when this may occur. The carpark building is a permitted activity under the City Plan.  

How will dust and noise be mitigated during construction?

We are continuously monitoring dust and noise by conducting specific and appropriate assessments/tests. A noise plan is in place to ensure compliance with acoustic and construction standards and regulations.

Harington Parking construction

What will the new building provide?

The new building has potential to cater for end-of-trip travel needs for over 800 people across a range of transport modes. In addition to 250 spaces for people to park bicycles, it has space for people to park 550 cars (including 15 mobility parking spaces), and 53 motorbikes. The building will include electric charge points for cars and bikes.

The bike hub will offer some practical solutions like parking, showers and gear storage to make it easier for people who want to cycle to work. There are uni-sex and female-only areas.

Community feedback shows growing appetite for the council to provide better facilities for people who bike into the city. Every person on a bike, e-bike, or bus frees up car parking and helps improve the traffic flow, so it’s in everyone’s interests that we get more city commuters biking or taking the bus to work if they are able.

When will the new building be finished?

Construction started on 19 June 2018 and is expected to be complete in early 2020.

What will the operating times be for new parking building? 

24hrs with CCTV surveillance in place.

Will the new car parks be leased or casual spaces?

As there is a current wait list of more than 100 for leased parking in the city, some of the carparks will be leased. However, there will still be a substantial amount allocated as casual parking. 

How much will it cost to park there?

This is yet to be determined.

What is the construction budget?

The budget for construction is $28 million. The parking activity is self-funded.

Why was this specific site chosen?

This site has been earmarked for a parking building since 1996.

How high will the parking building be?

The building will stand seven levels above ground, with two more levels below ground. Vehicle entry and exits are on Harington Street, preserving the Hamilton Street frontage for easy walking and biking access. 

The building has been designed to make best use of the site. We cannot go any further down as it is extremely costly and problematic to build below sea level.

Has anything of historical significance been discovered during excavation?

Four houses were originally built on this site many years ago. Upon commencing earthworks the archaeologists found what appears to be a well dating back to the 1800s containing bottles and many other items that they have gathered and are assessing at their offices. 

Last Reviewed: 08/11/2018

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