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Southern Pipeline

The Southern Pipeline is a large wastewater pipeline that is needed to future-proof our city and protect our environment. It will give the city’s wastewater network some much-needed capacity which will reduce the risk of sewer overflows into the harbour.

The steady growth of our city is putting increasing pressure on the wastewater treatment plant at Chapel Street. This is a risk for both our city and environment, as it increases the potential for sewer overflows into the harbour. The Southern Pipeline will redirect some of the city’s wastewater to the treatment plant at Te Maunga, which has extra capacity. The new pipeline will relieve the enormous burden that is on the Chapel Street treatment plant, allowing the plant to improve its performance.

Construction began in 2009 and the pipeline is already operational from Maleme Street to Memorial Park. The section between Matapihi and Te Maunga is nearly finished, and the pipeline will be fully operational by December 2017.

The projected final cost for the entire project sits at around $99 million.

Last Reviewed: 02/05/2017

Latest news

Pipeline construction moves forward

Posted: 25 May 2017

Construction is underway on the final stage of the Southern Pipeline – the harbour crossing between Memorial Park and Matapihi. Large steel pipes will start being driven into the harbour at Matapihi this week.

Final stage of Southern Pipeline construction begins

Posted: 06 April 2017

Construction has begun on the final stage of the Southern Pipeline – the Harbour Crossing – with drilling works set to start from next month.

Southern Pipeline Harbour Crossing contract awarded

Posted: 19 December 2016

Brian Perry Civil, the local arm of Fletcher Construction, has won the contract to construct a pipeline deep under Tauranga Harbour as part of the Southern Pipeline project.


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