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Arataki temporary bus stop

We need to give people a safe place to get on and off the bus near the Bayfair Shopping Centre. 

The bus stop at the front entrance of the Bayfair Shopping Centre was closed on 20 June 2018 for Bayfair’s expansion upgrade. We’ve been building a temporary bus stop on Farm Street to give people a safe place to get on and off the bus. 

The plan for the Farm Street bus stop has been audited by traffic safety experts. All of their recommendations have either been followed or addressed to make sure the temporary bus stop will be as safe as possible for everyone who moves through that area. Some roadside car parking spaces are being removed to make room for the bus stop. There will also be a smaller bus stop painted onto the road outside 55 and 57 Farm Street.

While the new bus stop is being constructed, there are some short-term changes to the Bayfair bus services.

This is an interim measure until the Farm Street construction is finished in July. We apologise for the inconvenience.

What will be the length of the temporary bus stop?

The bus stop will be 70m long (60m of bus stop with some taper room at either end). 

Will the temporary bus stop have bus shelters?

Yes, there will be two new shelters at either end of the bus stop on the Bayfair side of the road. No shelter is planned for the smaller bus stop on the other side of the road.

Will trees along the Bayfair Shopping Centre boundary be removed?

No, the trees won’t be removed. Original plans required some of the trees to be removed but we have redesigned the bus stop to avoid removing the trees.

Where will buses turn around?

For buses that need to turn, Bayfair management have been working with us to help provide a safe route for buses through their car parking area. The plan has been audited by traffic safety experts. We will closely monitor operation of the bus stops with Bay of Plenty Regional Council, GoBus and Bayfair.

What will the impact be on car parking spaces in Farm Street?

All of the unmarked parking spaces on the Bayfair side of Farm Street will be removed, while seven individually marked parking spaces will be removed from the other side for the safety of school students and people catching the bus.

How long will the temporary bus stop be in place?

The council is still investigating options and designs for a permanent bus interchange for the Arataki area. Until then, the temporary bus stop will remain in place.

Where will Intercity buses stop while the temporary interchange is being built? 

Bus services that currently use Farm Street will be relocated while the temporary stop is being built. Intercity buses will be moved to Links Avenue.

Why can’t the bus stop go back to the front of Bayfair once their upgrade is finished?

The front entrance of Bayfair Shopping Centre is an unsuitable long-term location for the type of bus interchange that‘s going to be needed to support the expanding bus service.

Last Reviewed: 21/06/2018

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