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Strategic focus

Council’s aspiration is for Tauranga to become an internationally competitive city that delivers a higher standard of living for all.

Tauranga is facing exponential change. With the changing external environment, and the pressures the city is facing, we need to ensure that we are investing in the right things. This requires strong strategic direction and clear aspirations for the city.

Our Story’ outlines Council’s key aspirations and focus areas, along with strategic priorities for each focus area. These aspirations require that Council put a greater focus on economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing, transport and urban form. This document will continue to evolve over time, as the city itself changes and our priorities shift.

Council’s committee structure supports achieving these aspirations, with each committee tasked with progressing a specific strategic focus area: city transformation, transport, environment, community and culture, economic development and investment, and finally audit, finance, risk and monitoring. See the committees’ page for more information on purpose and remit.

We are developing a number of high level strategies that will support and build on Our Story. These strategies will be aspirational, focussed on outcomes rather than issues, and will help us shape our city now and into the future. These strategies will support decision making by better understanding city dynamics, improving the quality of our information, and collaborating with partners. This will help us achieve our aspiration of being an internationally competitive city that delivers a higher standard of living for all.

These overarching strategies are supported by a number of other strategies that tackle more focussed issues and topics.


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