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What do you want for your city? Long Term Plan now open for consultation


Strategic priorities

Each Council committee has identified a set of goals to be achieved or issues to be addressed as a priority, for Tauranga to be an internationally competitive city that delivers a higher standard of living for all.

These strategic priorities will evolve over time, as the city itself changes and our focus shifts.

City Transformation

  • Having a vibrant, safe and successful city centre, supported by a range of town and neighbourhood centres
  • Ensuring that residents have a strong sense of place and identity
  • Working towards a compact city and well planned urban form
  • Improving the quality of built form, as well as maximising natural assets (e.g. access to water)
  • Managing development capacity to accommodate growth
  • Promoting enhanced lifestyle, amenity and liveability
  • Housing affordability
  • Integrating urban form and transport outcomes


  • Providing people with better transport choices (including leading an increase in public transport, walking and cycling use)
  • Reliable journey times for people and freight
  • Improving safety on our roads
  • Creating well-connected communities and local services
  • Creating a transport network that enhances the attractiveness and liveability of our urban environment


  • Protecting and enhancing our natural environment (including biodiversity and bio-security)
  • Natural hazard resilience 
  • Waste minimisation and resource recovery
  • Water quality and quantity (three waters infrastructure and natural water bodies) 
  • Climate change (mitigation and adaptation)
  • Air quality

Community and Culture

  • Social equity
  • Community pride and belonging 
  • Healthy and active communities 
  • Safe and resilient communities 
  • Engagement and partnerships

Economic Development and Investment

  • Attracting investment into key economic assets and new, job-creating businesses
  • Enabling a vibrant visitor economy with the assets and amenities visitors expect of an international quality city
  • Ensuring our economy-enabling infrastructure is world class and economically sustainable
  • Supporting research and development, partnerships, entrepreneurialism and innovation
  • Realising the potential of all our people (e.g. Maori economic development, digital and innovation skills, improving links between education, innovation and business needs)
  • Improving understanding of city dynamics and quality information

Audit, Finance, Risk and Monitoring

  • Developing a robust financial strategy to guide financial sustainability
  • Investigating funding options and rating options considering rates affordability
  • Monitoring our financial performance to ensure we are acting prudently
  • Monitoring our non-financial performance to ensure we are delivering what we promised
  • Assessing our risk framework to better understand and manage key and city risks
  • Audit reports that provide independent oversight of Council processes


Last Reviewed: 17/10/2017

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