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Tauranga Urban strategy

Tauranga is growing at pace. We are now New Zealand’s fifth largest city, and more people are choosing Tauranga as their home. 

Responding to our growth 

Population growth creates more opportunities for our city, but it also means we need to accommodate everyone, while continuing to preserve and enhance our lifestyle and living choices.

Tauranga has the fourth smallest geographical area compared with other New Zealand cities. So we need to be smart about our use of space, balancing economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes for our community.  

Our focus

The Tauranga Urban Strategy suggests a new direction for how the city grows and changes, putting greater focus on developing existing urban areas. It will place an emphasis on place-making of our town centres (including local shopping centres) to support more compact forms of housing, with retail, community spaces and commercial activities. 

The core components of the draft strategy are:

  • A greater number of houses within existing urban areas;
  • Provision of greater housing choice including smaller, more affordable houses;
  • More people living within easy access of shops and facilities;
  • An enhanced public transport network to service growing town centres; and
  • Investment in infrastructure, facilities, services, amenity, streetscape and quality urban design in and around town centres.

The draft Tauranga Urban Strategy has been endorsed by Tauranga City Council for the purposes of public consultation.

draft Tauranga Urban Stategy (4mb pdf)

Have your say

Help us to guide the future development of our city 

We want to find out what you think about some of the key proposals in the Urban Strategy. We have five questions to ask you. Responding will take around three minutes. This survey is open 1 Feb – 28 Feb. Results will be posted on this page following the closure date.

If you have any other feedback or questions about the Urban Strategy, please email urban@tauranga.govt.nz

Take the survey

How we’ll get there

(early 2018)

Council will work with Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council, SmartGrowth and other key stakeholders to align strategies. We will be encouraging the community to provide us feedback on the principles of the draft Tauranga Urban Strategy.

(early 2018)

Simultaneously, Council will be looking into a range of incentives, tools and investments to support the growth of our town centres.

(mid 2018)

Following feedback from key stakeholders and the community, and findings from the technical studies, a Future Development Strategy will be developed that will identify proposed locations for growth, sequencing and timing, and the capacity of each area to accommodate growth. Following adoption of the Tauranga City Council’s Long Term Plan 2018-2028, public consultation on the draft Future Development Strategy will be undertaken. The community will be asked for feedback on the strategy – 

  • “Is this the right approach for responding to growth?”
  • “Have we got the locations/timings/numbers right?”

(late 2018 – early 2019)

We will begin close engagement with communities living near priority centres. The community will be asked for feedback on their local centre – 

  • “What do you like about your local centre?” 
  • “What could be done to improve the centre?”

Feedback will be used to develop an implementation plan including interventions/projects such as:

  • Upgrades to existing facilities/parks 
  • The creation of new facilities/parks
  • Regulatory and policy changes, like changes to the City Plan to allow for more compact forms of housing. 

Further consultation will be undertaken with the community on each project and plan change.

Last Reviewed: 08/02/2018

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Posted: Feb 7, 2018

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Tauranga Urban Strategy, a plan for the future

Posted: Dec 5, 2017

The Tauranga Urban Strategy will guide future development of our city and is an aspirational growth plan, influenced by our community and refined by a series of place making sessions.


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