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Civic Administration Building

New Civic Administration Building

Council is working with the private sector to deliver a new civic administration building for Council to lease on 91 Willow Street (including the Durham Street site), and open space immediately surrounding the new building.

We’re investing $23.2m in capital costs plus an ongoing lease cost of $2.5m per annum (in today’s dollars), and $4.3m to deliver the open space. The new building will provide future-proofed office accommodation that will enable staff to be located in one place and deliver services to the community that are more efficient and effective. It will support an Activity Based Working model.

Council resolved in September 2016, as part of a Long Term Plan amendment, to demolish the Administration building as soon as practically possible, following  the discovery of toxic mould in the building in November 2015. Independent investigations revealed significant weather tightness, seismic and building services issues in the building.

Deconstruction and Demolition of Admin Building

The task of deconstructing and demolishing Tauranga City Council’s Administration building on the corner of Willow Street and Hamilton Street is underway. 

We will have a number of safety measures and appropriate traffic and pedestrian controls in place on Willow Street to minimise the impact on traffic, pedestrians, businesses and services during this time. 

The library car park on Hamilton Street will be closed during this time and we will set up an alternative book drop-off, access and disabled parking on nearby streets.  Council’s Customer Service Centre and the main entrance to the library will not be impacted.

Activity Based Working

The new civic administration building scale is based on supporting an Activity Based Working (ABW) model. ABW is a work-based strategy that provides staff with the flexibility to work in a variety of settings to suit the needs of different tasks. One of the principles of the ABW approach is that work points are shared and therefore there is no allocated seating, noting there can be exceptions to meet certain business needs.

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2017