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Visitor Information Centre

Properosed New Visitor Information Centre

Proposed Visitor Information Centre 

Council is investigating the opportunity to build a new Visitor Information Centre within Coronation Park in Mount Maunganui. This will be a primary hub for visitor information in Tauranga, and there will be secondary hubs in other locations. This location was chosen as the preferred location following a detailed assessment of alternatives.

Tauranga City Council appointed Jasmax as the concept designer and LandLAB as the landscape architect to prepare the concept designs for the proposed new Visitor Information Centre. Tourism BOP are providing information about the operational use requirements for the space. Part of the concept design includes a requirement to recognise the cultural and historical significance of the area. Representatives from the local hapu are providing advice on cultural requirements for the facility. There will also be an opportunity to incorporate some resident focused services such as possible event spaces and meeting rooms. The Council has been working closely with Tourism Bay of Plenty and Jasmax to define the requirements for a fit-for-purpose VIC and complete due diligence on site options. Consultation has occurred with Iwi, the Port of Tauranga, Police, the current lessee of 10 Salisbury Ave and Mount Mainstreet.

The Centre is intended to service cruise shop customers and visitors arriving in larger vehicles, as well as the broader visitor and residential market in Tauranga. Tourism BOP will be responsible for operation of the Visitor Information Centre. Having a fit for purpose Visitor Information Centre at the Mount, the centre of the city’s visitor economy, will help drive increased visitor expenditure and provide a great representation of all the Bay of Plenty has to offer. Additionally, the proposed designs will provide flexi-use space that can be used by community for events such as exhibitions and cultural activities.

Latest updates  March 2017

On 14 February Council resolved to include $4million of funding in the draft Annual Plan 2017/18 for provision of a Visitor Information Centre and i-Port facility, to be located on Coronation Park. This funding amount would cover the cost of delivering a purpose built Visitor Information Centre and i-Port and would be paid for via an equal split between the general and commercial rate. As part of the resolution, Council requested further investigation of external funding options in order to raise additional capital to allow for the delivery of a truly iconic Visitor Information Centre. An iconic Visitor Information Centre would provide a fantastic welcome to visitors of region, and provide an opportunity to tell the stories of our local area. 

As part of the Annual Plan 2017/18 Council is proposing to include $4m of funding in the budget, spread over two years, to deliver a new Visitor Information Centre at Coronation Park by summer 2018/19. Consultation on the proposal is open for the public to submit on from 20 March until 20 April 2017. The Project Team will be at the Little Big Market in Coronation Park on Saturday 1 April from 9am until 2pm so the community is able to learn more about what is proposed and ask questions they may have, 

All the information on what is proposed can be found on the Annual Plan 2017/18 consultation page, including how to make an online submission.


This project was approved through the 2015/16 Annual Plan process and allocates $100,000 towards the cost of concept design and planning for the Visitor Information Centre. 
If the project is approved through the Annual Plan 2017/18 then construction is proposed to commence later in 2017.

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Last Reviewed: 20/03/2017