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The latest city-wide review of rating valuations was completed in July 2012. The revaluations are based on the property sales market at 1 July 2012. New rating valuation notices were sent out to property owners in early November 2012. 

A rating valuation is a relative number and is based on the market value of a property at a particular point in time.

Objections to the 1 July 2012 rating valuations are now closed. If you have recently received a valuation notice from us you can object to that valuation in the timeframe provided on the notice. To object please complete the objection to rating valuation form (38kb pdf) and email or post it to us.

Property owners also have the option to request a section 16 review their own cost.

If a new house was built today it would be valued as if it was built under the market conditions at 1st July 2012.

To check the current and historical valuation and rates on a property please see the Rating Information Database.

The capital and land valuations on your current rates assessment and invoice are based on the July 2012 revaluation and are used for rating purposes only.  The next revaluation will take place in July 2015.

Last Reviewed: 21/07/2014