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The tables below show the individual rates charges for Tauranga City Council and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. 

These are the charges applicable as at 01/07/2016

Tauranga City Rates


Description of Charge

Inclusive GST


3000 Uniform Annual General $810.00 Uniform
3100 Wastewater - connected $393.70 Services
3101 Wastewater Availability - serviceable $196.85 Services
3120 General (Residential) $0.00200144 Capital Value
3121 General (Commercial) $0.00200144 Capital Value
3123 City Mainstreet $0.00061243 Capital Value
3124 Greerton Mainstreet $0.00182133 Capital Value
3148 Papamoa $0.00023546 Capital Value
3149 Mount Mainstreet $0.00087046 Capital Value
3200 Economic Development $0.00060053 Capital Value
3201 The Lakes $152.25 Per Property
3202 Papamoa Coast $154.84 Per Property
3203 Excelsa $47.75 Per Property

Regional Rates

3500 Regional General $0.000349266 Land Value
3550 Regional UAGC $92.91 Uniform
3551 Passenger Transport Rate $62.05 Uniform
3600 Kaituna A5 Area $62.40 Area ($ per hectare)
3601 Kaituna A5 Site $135.21 Uniform
3602 Kaituna A10 Area $4.16 Area ($ per hectare)
3603 Kaituna A11 Area $2.08 Area ($ per hectare)
3604 Kaituna B3 Area $10.40 Area ($ per hectare)
3605 Kaituna B3 Site $41.60 Uniform
3606 Kaituna B5 Area $4.16 Area ($ per hectare)
3607 Kaituna B5 Site $31.20 Uniform
3608 Kaituna C1 Area $6.24 Area ($ per hectare)
3609 Kaituna C1 Site $31.20 Uniform
3610 Kaituna A1P Area $208.01 Area ($ per hectare)

Water rates

Various Base rate (nature of the connection size)  $28.45-$1,117 Services
3110 District Water Non-Metered $630.00 Services
3114 Normal Metered Water per m3 $1.83 Services

What is a rate account made up of ?

General Rates:

Uniform Annual General Rates (UAGC)
This is a fixed charge per separately used or inhabited part of a rateable property and is irrespective of the value of a property.

A separately used or inhabited part of a rating unit includes any portion inhabited or used by [the owner/ a person other than the owner], and who has the right to use or inhabit that portion by virtue of a tenancy, lease, licence, or other agreement. This definition includes separately used parts, whether or not actually occupied at any particular time, which are used by the owner for rental (or other form of occupation) on an occasional or long term basis by someone other than the owner. For the purposes of this definition, vacant land and vacant premises offered or intended for use or habitation by a person other than the owner and usually used as such are defined as ‘used’. This includes any part or parts of a rating unit that is used or occupied by the ratepayer for more than one single use.

The following are examples of where there may be application of multiple charges for separately Used or Inhabited Part of a Rating Unit.

  • Single dwelling with flat attached
  • Two or more houses, flats or apartments on one Certificate of Title
  • Business premise with flat above
  • Commercial building leased, or sub-leased, to multiple tenants
  • Farm or Horticultural property with more than one dwelling
  • Council property with more than one lessee
  • Individually surveyed lots of vacant land on one Certificate of Title offered for sale separately or in groups
  • Where part of a Rating Unit that has the right of exclusive occupation when more than one ratepayer/owner

As a minimum, the land or premises intended to form separately inhabited part of the rating unit must be capable of actual habitation or actual separate use.

For a residential property to be classified as having an additional SUIP it must have separate cooking facilities, living facilities and toilet/bathroom facilities. If the separate part is internal to the main building (under the same roof) it must also have separate external access.

For avoidance of doubt, a rating unit that has only one use is treated as being one separately used or inhabited part.

(Note: This rate is not based on ability to earn revenue or rent, frequency of use or the relationship of person/s using or able to use the separate area. This does not relieve the owner or occupier of any duty or responsibility under the Building Act 2004 or the Resource Management Act 1991 or the Tauranga City Plan)

For commercial properties this is a charge on the number of separate businesses or leases.

General Rate:

This variable rate is charged on the capital value of a property. Capital value is land value plus improvements value. 

Wastewater Rates:

Residential properties connected to Council wastewater pay a uniform annual charge for one toilet per occupancy.
Commercial properties and other non domestic properties connected to Council wastewater pay a uniform annual charge for each toilet or urinal.

Those properties with wastewater available (i.e. they are within 100m of wastewater lines) but not connected will pay an availability charge.

Water Rates:

A fixed charge based on the size of the metered water supply connection and a volumetric charge based on the number of cubic metres of water used.

The Lakes, Papamoa Coast and Excelsa Targeted Rate:

This rate is charged on the capital value of a property. Capital value is land value plus improvements value.
The Lakes Development at Tauriko/Pyes Pa and Coast and Exelsa developments at Papamoa have significantly increased level of service costs as a result of wider roads, more gardens, reserves and streetlights etc. All properties in these subdivisions are charged this targeted rate. 

Economic Development Rate:

This rate is charged on the capital value of a property.
It is charged to commercial properties only and funds economic development through Priority One and Tourism Bay of Plenty. 

Mainstreet Rates

This rate is charged on the Capital value of a property. It is charged to commercial properties only and funds the Tauranga, Mount, Papamoa and Greerton Village Mainstreet organisations.

Last Reviewed: 22/02/2017