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Property Valuations

A rating valuation is based on the market value of a property at a particular point in time. The valuation defines the capital value of residential properties across Tauranga: this is the value of the land (without house) + the improvement value (house and other consented improvements). 

Valuations are conducted by an independent company (LandMass Technology Limited). LandMass calculate rating valuations using mass appraisal techniques based on inspection of resource consents, buildings and analysis of large number of sales during the revaluation year.

The latest city-wide review of rating valuations was completed in November 2015, based on the property sales market at 1 July 2015. 2015 valuations will apply to rates invoices starting 1 July 2016.

The next revaluation will take place in 2018.   

2015 revaluation - figures and trends 

The 2015 revaluation was conducted in the midst of a rapidly rising market, boosted by Tauranga’s growth and the increasing pressure on the Auckland property market. This rise started around April 2015, gained momentum in the months leading to the revaluation (1 July 2015), and continued after 1 July. This follows two and a half years of minimal value movements. This was reflected in this 2015 revaluation, which saw capital values in certain areas soar, particularly at the lower end of the market.

Learn more about trends and access revaluation figures on the Revaluation 2015 page.

Revaluation 2015

Objecting to rating valuations

Homeowners can object to their valuation if they think it doesn’t accurately reflect the value of their homes. There are several ways of doing this, during the revaluation year and any time after that. See the objection page for more details.

Objecting to rating valuations

Last Reviewed: 21/03/2017