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Objecting to Rating Valuations

Homeowners can object to their valuation if they think it doesn’t accurately reflect the value of their homes. There are several ways of doing this, during the revaluation year and any time after that. 
To check the current and historical valuation and rates on a property please see the Rating Information Database. 

Rating Information Database

Objecting after the Council’s revaluation process

When the whole city is revalued every three years you can object for free until the date advised on your new notice (normally 30 days). The objection period for the 2015 Revaluation closed on 8 January 2016.

Objecting after completion of consented improvements on your property

If you have completed a building or resource consent, Council will send a new revised valuation. You can object for free until the date advised on your new notice (normally 30 days) using the form below. 

Objection to rating valuation form (38kb pdf) 

Making self-corrections after completing improvements that don’t require a consent 

If you have completed works that do not require a consent (see list of exemptions – Building Act Schedule One below) and may have added value to your property, you can submit a self-correction online. To do so, find your property on the Rating Information Database, click on National Property Database and follow the prompts. You can either update the record or use the comments field to let Council know what you think is wrong. Council’s valuers will respond to you directly. If an inspection is required this will happen in the normal three month maintenance cycle. 

It is also a good idea to let us know when you remove buildings from your property, even though this doesn't always require a building consent. We will then be able to reassess your rates for the following rating year.

Rating Information Database

Building Act Schedule One exemption list

Requesting a Section 16 valuation review

If none of the above apply, you can request a rating review at any time under Section 16 of the Valuation Act 1998. Section 16 allows property owners to request a new rating valuation from Council's Valuation Service Provider.

Rating valuation reviews are usually requested by property owners who are planning to sell their home and think that the official rating valuation for their property is lower than it should be. This could be because of renovations or upgrades that have been done which Council doesn’t know about because they have not required a building consent.

Cost:  $300 including GST
Timeframe:  two weeks from the written request
Valuers:  LandMass Technology Limited

Your request must be supplied to Council in writing or by completing the Section 16 request form. A review can only be requested by the property owner.

Section 16 request form (57kb pdf)

The request should include your contact details, the reason for the review and what you feel the rateable value should be.

Please post or deliver the completed section 16 request form and any supporting information to Council. Council will pass this information to Landmass Technology Ltd. LandMass will then contact you within two weeks to arrange a suitable time to visit your property. The costs of the inspection will be directly payable to LandMass Technology Ltd.

Objections can be heard by the Land Valuation Tribunal

If you are not satisfied with the review of an objection application you can, within 20 working days after receiving the review, require the objection to be heard by a Land Valuation Tribunal. You can find out more about this process on the Ministry of Justice's website. You will need to file the objection with the Tauranga District Court and serve a copy on Council. 

Ministry of Justice website 

At the hearing you will have the opportunity to present evidence to support your claim. The primary evidence will be sales information leading up to the 1 July revaluation date. You can research sales information on our website.

Property values and recent sales

Last Reviewed: 13/10/2016