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Food Business

Establishing a food business

Setting up a food business requires much planning to avoid practical, economic, and legal pitfalls.

Before starting a new food business you will need to check if you need a resource consent, planning permission and/or a building consent.  Contact Council’s Duty planner at the Councils Customer Reception Centre  - it could save you time and money.

Whether you intend leasing a food business, taking over an existing food business or building a new food premises, before you begin trading in food, you will need to have your own Food Control Plan or National Programme already registered.

Application Forms

Registering a Food Control Plan or National Programme

To find out which plan or programme is suitable for your premises please go to,
Ministry of Primary Industries: Where do I fit?

Before a Food Control Plan or National Programme can be registered, it must be completed in full.

This could take several days to complete and you cannot begin trading in food until the Plan or Programme is registered.

Please contact one of Council’s Environmental Health Officers who will supply you with template food control plan or advice regarding National Programmes.

Food control plans are registered annually – registration must be renewed each year. National Programmes are registered for a two year period and registration must be renewed biannually.

You also have the option of registering your own Custom Food Control Plan with the Ministry for Primary Industry, (MPI), Custom Food Control Plans are verified by third party verifiers, (not TCC).


Can I operate a food business from my home

Yes, the Tauranga City Plan restricts the size and scale of the activity. For more information  regarding City Plan requirements please call the Councils Duty Planner on 07 577 7000. 

Can I use my kitchen at home to prepare food for sale?

Yes, some types of food may be prepared for sale in a home kitchen
Ministry of Primary Industries

Can I operate a food business from someone else’s premises such as their food premises or a community hall?

Yes you may register and operate your Food Control Plan or National Programme from any premises suitable to make safe food in.

If I buy an existing food business, can I use their registered Food Control Plan or Registered National Programme

No. you must register your own Food Control Plan or National Programme

If I operate my food business from several different sites, can I operate under one registered food Control Plan.

Yes. An example could a bread baker with 2 shops plus a food stall at the markets.

The plan is called a Multi-site Food Control Plan

If all sites are within TCC boundaries the plan can be registered with TCC.

If one site is in Tauranga and or more sites are in another local authority, the plan must be registered with MPI.   

Can more than one business register under one Food Control Plan?

Yes, this plan is called a Multi-Business Food Control Plan.

For example, three identical franchised sandwich shops are owned by three different owners in the Tauranga City Council area.

 Please contact an Environmental Health Officer for more information.

If my food is prewrapped, sold in containers or packages, what information do I need to include on the packaging/labelling?

Food labels inform people about what they have purchased to eat so they can choose what to include in their diet.

Nearly every prepacked item of food requires a label, with varying degrees of detail. A food label requires to have detail that is required by law. All food sold in New Zealand must comply with the Australian New Zealand Food Standards code for labelling.
Food standards code

I am selling my food business, am I reimbursed for the remaining portion of my Food Control Plan registration period.

No. Council does not reimburse registration fees.

Last Reviewed: 13/02/2017