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Draft Tauranga Reserves Management Plan

Event date: 17/08/2018 5:00 p.m. - 19/10/2018 5:00 p.m. Export event


Council completed its deliberations on the Tauranga Reserves Management Plan in March. 

The committee spent quite some time discussing the submissions and made numerous changes to the draft plan to incorporate many recommendations from over 250 submitters.

On 11 December 2018, councillors discussed the future of Oceandowns Reserve, Tatua Reserve and Soper Reserve. Then on 18 February they deliberated on the remaining topics of the draft Tauranga Reserves Management Plan. 

Once the minutes of the deliberations have been adopted, we will complete a few other steps to finalise the plan, and will upload the final plan to this website, likely in May 2019. 

Deliberations report and meeting recording
Media release: New role for two Tauranga reserves (11 December 2018)
Media release: Committee agrees on blueprint for the management of Tauranga’s reserves (18 February 2019)


We received 264 submissions on the draft Tauranga Reserves Management Plan. Thanks to all for your contributions!  All submissions are available for viewing below. 

Draft Tauranga reserves management plan summary document (7.6mb pdf)

Part A: Introduction

Part A of the document includes the mission statement, objectives, decision making framework, description of how the reserves have been categories and the key outcomes sought.

Part A: Introduction (2.2mb pdf)

Part B: General management statements

Part B covers management statements that apply across the reserves network, explaining how Council will deal with over 50 specific topics ranging from park furniture, buildings and car parking to drones, organised sport and events as well as protecting heritage sites and significant vegetation.

Part B: General Management Statements (7.5mb pdf)

Part C: Reserve specific information 

Part C includes specific information on each of the reserves and management statements that apply to them (when required). 

Part C: Reserve Specific Information A-MC (12mb pdf)  Part C: Reserve Specific Information ME-Z (10mb pdf)

Part D: Appendices

A list of reserves proposed to be included in the Tauranga Reserves Management Plan, specifying the current reserve management plan (if applicable) and the proposed reserve category.

Part D: Appendices (9mb pdf)

What is the Tauranga Reserves Management Plan?

This plan guides Council’s decision-making on parks and reserves in the city. It enables a range of activities, guides maintenance and development, protects important sites and features, and explains how we’ll assess requests and proposals for use. It combines all of our existing reserve management plans into one, and also applies to reserves that don’t currently have a plan. 

We’ve looked at how decisions will be made on more than 50 specific topics including where drones can fly, car parking, park furniture and facilities like toilets, supporting organised sport, protecting heritage sites and significant vegetation, and when we’ll develop more detailed concept plans. 

Future proposals for parks will be considered against the reserves management plan, and the RMP will be subject to continuous review to adapt to our changing community.

Council decided to undertake this review in 2016.  

Report DC32, Notify Intent to Prepare and Review Reserve Management Plans – 9 May 2016 (3mb pdf)

The Community and Culture committee adopted the draft plan for consultation on Tuesday 14 August 2018

Report DC228, Adopt Draft Tauranga Reserves Management Plan for Consultation – 14 August 2018

What we’re trying to achieve

Our goal is for our reserves to be a collection of well-used focal points for the community that provide a variety of different experiences, improve Tauranga residents’ quality of life, and recognise cultural heritage, archaeological and ecological values of the land. Reserves should respond to the changing demographic of Tauranga, and be places where people feel welcome, comfortable and safe. 

What’s planned for my local park?

The plan gives guidance on what might happen in the future at your local park or reserve, but doesn’t include detailed concept plans or individual projects. 

When major changes to a reserve are proposed, or if we identify that detailed planning is needed, we will undertake specific community consultation at that time. 

What are the major changes to existing reserve management plans?

This plan proposes:

What reserves aren’t included? 

Reserves not managed or administered solely by the Council aren’t covered by this plan, including Mauao, Huharua Harbour Park, TECT All Terrain Park, The Elms Mission Station and Sydenham Botanic Park. Some local purpose reserves aren’t covered either (e.g. stormwater, drainage, water supply and road reserves).

Council funding for any project, development or work that is contemplated under this plan is considered through the annual and long term plan budgeting processes.

Dogs and freedom camping

Dogs and freedom camping are popular activities on reserves,  we’re currently reviewing the following bylaws

  • Dogs Bylaw – occurred from 17 August to 17 September.  Deliberations are scheduled for December 2018
  • Freedom Camping Bylaw – consultation is scheduled to occur over the 2018/2019 summer

Where to from here?

We sought initial feedback from the community in 2016 which helped us write the draft plan. We sought feedback on the draft plan from 18 August – 19 October 2018. 

Community and Culture Committee is scheduled to commence deliberations on the draft plan at its meeting on Tuesday 11 December. Given the number of submission points received, deliberations will continue when committee meetings resume in the New Year. These meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend. The meeting agenda, including the meeting time, location and the deliberations report will also be published on this page when it is available.

For more information contact Sonya McCall at sonya.mccall@tauranga.govt.nz, or by phone by calling us on 07 577 7000.

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