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Have your say the draft Dog Management Policy and Dog Management Bylaw 2018

Event date: 20/08/2018 10:00 a.m. - 17/09/2018 5:00 p.m. Export event


Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the proposed changes to our dog management bylaw and policy.

We will now use your feedback to propose a final revised bylaw and policy for adoption by Council by the end of the year.

If you chose to speak to Council in support of your submission, you will be contacted by phone to arrange a speaking time. Hearings of submissions will take place on 1 October 2018.

We are required by law to review our policies and bylaws to ensure they tackle all of the issues they need to. The last time our dog management policy and bylaw were reviewed was in 2008 – so it is now time to check they still provide for the care and control of dogs in Tauranga.

Our policy states the general approach to the management of dogs in our city, while our bylaw states the specific rules that dog owners must follow. Together, the two documents outline how we will minimise any danger, distress or nuisance from dogs while ensuring the exercise, socialisation, and recreational needs of dogs and their owners are met.

We are proposing to keep the majority of rules around dog management the same, but we do have a few changes, as listed in the table below. We have used community feedback from the public places, beaches and reserve management plan consultations as the basis for these changes.

Have your say by 5pm on Monday, 17 September 2018

Dog Management Policy (258kb pdf) Dog Management Bylaw 2018 (2.2mb pdf)

Statement of proposal (83kb pdf)

This is a formal consultation. Hearing of submissions will take place on 1 October 2018. We’ll use your feedback to propose a final revised policy and bylaw for adoption by Council by the end of the year.

If you have any questions please contact the strategic policy and planning team on 07 577 7000 or info@tauranga.govt.nz 

This formal consultation process is the last opportunity to have your say before the changes become law.

Proposed changes to the policy, and why we want to make them

Proposed rule: Amend current wording to: Dogs in public places – Dogs need the ability to exercise unrestrained and socialise with other dogs. Therefore, council does not restrict dogs to dog exercise areas and considers it appropriate that dogs are able to be exercised unleashed in public places so long as when circumstances require, the dog can be leashed and under effective control.
Why: To provide a general approach to dog access and dog exercise areas in Tauranga.

Proposed rule: Amend current wording to: Dog safe communities – Public education programmes for dog owners and the wider community are available to ensure that potential conflicts are managed in a way that balances the interests of all people in the community.
Why: To recognise council’s responsibility to provide details of dog owner education programmes

Proposed changes to the bylaw, and why we want to make them

Proposed rule: Minor amendment to the definition of the Mount Maunganui Dog Prohibited Area (which covers Waikorire [Pilot Bay], Mount Maunganui, Moturiki [Leisure Island] and Mauao). Refer to maps in bylaw.
Why: To clarify that dogs are prohibited from all areas of Mauao.

Proposed rule: Extend the prohibited area from Mount Maunganui Main Beach to 255m further south along the beach past Moturiki (Leisure Island).
Why: To ensure that dogs are further prevented from accessing Moturiki (Leisure Island).

Proposed rule: Replace the 200m restriction around the Ōmanu and Pāpāmoa surf lifesaving clubs with a defined area of the beach in the vicinity of the clubs, and include the flagged lifeguard areas, while allowing dogs on-leash to transit through these areas. Refer to maps in bylaw.
Why: To minimise any risk or nuisance to beachgoers at popular spots from uncontrolled dogs.

Proposed rule: Addition of a new summer season, on-leash restriction for the section of beach between Motiti Road (beach access point 0018) and the end of Karewa Parade (beach access point 0025), including Motiti Reserve. Refer to map in bylaw.
Why: To protect people’s safety on a popular spot of the beach during the busy summer period.

Proposed rule: Define the summer season as 15 December to 15 February between the hours of 10am and 5pm.
Why: To ensure that dogs are controlled during the peak summer season when there are more people, particularly children, on the beach. This proposed summer season aligns with the proposed definition of in the draft Beaches Bylaw 2018.

Proposed rule: Remove The Elms from the list of prohibited areas.
Why: The Elms is not council-owned, so it is not appropriate to set rules for that land.

Proposed rule: Prohibit dogs 10 metres from exercise equipment in reserves.
Why: To align with current uses of parks and reserves.

Proposed rule: Council to have authority to apply temporary restrictions on dog access for the purposes of leisure, cultural, or sporting events in parks and reserves, or where necessary to protect wildlife.
Why: To ensure that dogs can be managed when events are hosted in our parks, and ensure that we can better protect wildlife from predators.

Proposed rule: Dogs cannot be left unattended in a public place, unless they are in a designated area that provides separation from the members of the public (disability assist dogs excluded).
Why: To minimise any risk or safety issues from dogs being left unattended and uncontrolled on the footpath while their owners shop.

Proposed rule: Dogs are prohibited from libraries, council service centres, council community centres and indoor sports facilities.
Why: To clarify that these locations are not included in the definition of public place.

Proposed rule: No person may exercise more than two dogs off leash in a reserve at any one time.
Why: To reduce the safety risk of dogs not being under control when being exercised.

Proposed rule: No person may exercise more than four dogs on leash in a public place at any one time.
Why: To reduce the safety risk of dogs not being under control when being exercised.

Proposed rule: All dogs classified as menacing must be neutered, including dogs that are transferred to our district.
Why: To encourage responsible dog ownership and take all reasonable steps to ensure that dogs do not cause a nuisance.

Did you know?

We are also currently consulting on our Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2018. Have your say!

Posted: Aug 20, 2018,
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