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Have your say on Kiriwai Place Reserve, Matua – proposed bridge replacement

Event date: 12/02/2020 12:00 p.m. - 24/02/2020 5:00 p.m. Export event

The Kiriwai Place Reserve bridge is a concrete and stone footbridge to the west of Fergusson Park, which we are planning to replace this year.

This bridge has been affected by coastal erosion, that has caused the abutments (each end of the bridge) to badly deteriorate. As a result, we propose to replace the bridge this year and move it further back from its current location. 

Proposed new bridge

We plan to install a new wooden bridge, 3.2 metres wide and approximately five metres back from the current location before July. Afterwards, we intend to plant out the site of the stone bridge with appropriate native coastal plants for both aesthetic and erosion control purposes. The proposed bridge has been designed to have the least visual impact on neighbours and users of the reserve.

Once the ground preparation has been completed, we expect this project to take around one week to complete. This will involve removing the old bridge and replacing it with a new bridge, which will be constructed off-site. The existing bridge will remain accessible while the replacement bridge is being installed.

The Kiriwai Reserve bridge is 25-years-old and is not a listed heritage structure. We’d also like to note that due to the materials used in its construction, it would not be cost-effective to make the current bridge safe or to relocate it. We also consider that it would not be practical to address coastal erosion issues sufficiently to allow the bridge to stay where it is now.

Your feedback

We have informed nearby neighbours about our proposal to replace Kiriwai Place Reserve bridge, Matua and would like to hear from other residents about this proposal.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or provide feedback please contact Craig Fea on 07 5777000 or email Craig.Fea@tauranga.govt.nz by 24 February 2020.

Provide your feedback by email


To reach a decision we will consider a range of factors – the feedback we receive, the budget we have to do this work alongside other projects that need to be done, as well as estimated costs. 

On the back of feedback received so far, we will consider as one of the options, moving the concrete and stone bridge five metres back from its current location.

Coastal erosion

Council is addressing the wider issue of coastal and harbour erosion through a city-wide project.

More information on coastal erosion

Existing Kiriwai Bridge Kiwiwai new bridge

Picture 1: Image showing existing bridge.  Picture 2:  Example of what the new bridge is likely to look like

Current erosion of abutments. Current erosion of abutments
 Pictures 3 and 4: Current erosion of abutments.


Posted: Feb 12, 2020,
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