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The Council's bylaws are special laws that apply in the Tauranga area only. Bylaws help the Council make sure the city runs smoothly.

Bylaws exist for the following reasons:

  • to protect the public from nuisance 
  • to protect, promote and maintain public health and safety 
  • to minimise the potential for offensive behaviour in public places 
  • if specifically required by legislation

Bylaws are enforced by Council staff. Breaches of bylaws can result in prosecutions and court-imposed fines, confiscations of equipment or orders to stop work. The Council will always consult with the local community before adopting any new bylaw or reviewing an existing bylaw.

Airport Bylaw 2016 (450kb pdf)

Beaches Bylaw 2007 (Amended March 2009 and September 2010) (1.8kb pdf) 

Dog Control Bylaw 2008 (30kb pdf) 

Freedom Camping Bylaw 2013 (3.71mb pdf)

Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2008 (140kb pdf)

Liquor and Vehicle Free Zones in Public Places Bylaw 2013 (3.8mb pdf)

Outdoor Fire Safety Bylaw 2015 (688kb pdf)

Prostitution Bylaw 2008 (1.4mb pdf) 

Speed Limit Bylaw 2009 (2.4mb pdf)

Stormwater (Pollution Prevention) Bylaw 2015 (236kb pdf)

Street Use & Public Places Bylaw 2013 (221kb pdf)

Supply of Water Bylaw 2007 (62kb pdf)  

Trade Waste Bylaw 2008 (59kb pdf)

Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2012 (57kb pdf)

Traffic and Parking Bylaw

Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2012  (125kb pdf)

The Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2012 was amended 20 June 2017.



Last Reviewed: 01/02/2018

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