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Sprinkler and irrigation system ban now in place for Tauranga


Development contributions policy 2019-2020

The 2019/20 Development Contributions Policy was adopted by Tauranga City Council on Thursday, 27 June 2019.

Development contributions policy 2019-2020

A full copy of 2019/20 development contributions policy is available (but excludes structure plans which are available below).

Copies of the individual sections of the policy are set out below.

Section 1:

Section 2:

  • Policy application (1.1mb pdf) (sets out when a development or financial contribution may be required)

Section 3:

Section 4:

Section 5:

Section 6: Schedule of assets   

Section 6 contains tables which set out detailed costing information for each asset (or group of assets) for which council collects development contributions. The tables are grouped by urban growth area and in some cases show the methodology used for calculating the development contribution charges set out in Section 1.

Last Reviewed: 29/07/2020

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