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Policies support the decision making of Council, and ensure that council’s vision, mission and strategic direction is consistently implemented.

Boundary alteration

If your property has recently transferred from the Western Bay of Plenty District Council area to Tauranga City Council you need to take a look at the Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s policies and bylaws as they still apply to your property. View these policies and bylaws. If you have any questions please call our Policy Team on 07 577 7000.

How policies work

A policy is a statement of council’s position on a matter or issue.

How policies work

Active Reserves Level of Service

This policy sets out levels of service for the provision and
management of the existing and future active reserve network.

 Active Reserve Level of Service (80kb pdf)

Appointment of Directors to Council Organisations

This policy sets out the process for identifying and appointing of directors and trustees to council organisations. It is required by section 57 of the Local Government Act. Sets out process for appointment.

Appointment of Directors to Council Organisations (205kb pdf)

Bulk Fund Capital Expenditure

This policy provides a framework for bulk funds to enable consistent and equitable decision-making regarding competing priorities within a bulk funded budget.

Bulk Fund Capital Expenditure (17kb pdf)

City Partnership Programme

This policy sets out how Council will provide opportunities for community organisations, corporates and individuals to contribute to the development of community projects.

City Partnership Programme (85kb pdf)

Civic Art Collection

This policy ensures that Tauranga’s civic art collection is a coherent collection of works with links to the city and region, maintained and displayed for the community to enjoy.

Civic Art Collection (45kb pdf)

Coastal Structures

This policy guides decision-making on the current and future management of council-owned or administered coastal structures such as wharves, jetties and buildings on those structures. It ensures planned management of all council-owned and managed coastal structures along the coast and in the inner harbour is responsive to current and future coastal effects such as erosion and storm surge.

Coastal Structures (206kb pdf)

Commercial Activities in Council Facilities

This policy sets out the considerations to be taken into account in relation to the operation of commercial activities within Council facilities to ensure a consistent approach.

Commercial Activities in Council Facilities (69kb pdf)

Community Funding Policy

This policy provides a framework to guide the distribution of community funding to eligible entities to help achieve the strategic vision for the city.

Community Funding Policy (204kb pdf)

Community Share Agreement

This policy provides a consistent and transparent approach to developing agreements between council and another entity for a shared use of a facility or land to enable or increase public access.

Community Share (37kb pdf)

Connection of Private Stormwater Systems

This policy provides a consistent approach to the use of council land by our community, private and commercial users.

Connection of Private Stormwater Systems (9kb pdf)

Consultation with Tangata Whenua on Resource Consent Application

This policy clarifies roles and responsibilities of council, tangata whenua and applicants in resource consent applications.

Consultation with Tangata Whenua on Resource Consent Application (97kb pdf)

Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy

This policy sets out council’s approach to identify and manage dangerous and insanitary buildings

Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy (177kb pdf)

Development Contributions

Development contributions help council fund new or improved infrastructure required as a result of growth – like water and wastewater networks, roads, playgrounds and community facilities.

Development Contributions

Dog Management

This policy provides adequate opportunities to fulfil the exercise and recreational needs of dogs and their owners while
minimising any potential danger, distress or nuisance from or caused by dogs.

Dog Management (226kb pdf)

Domestic Water Supply Outside Specified Zones

This policy identifies criteria to determine if water supply outside the specified zones is 'available'.

Domestic Water Supply Outside Specified Zones - assessing applications (29kb pdf)

Easter Sunday Shop Trading

This policy enables shops in Tauranga to trade on Easter Sunday if they wish to.

Easter Sunday Shop Trading (269kb pdf)

Elected Members' Expenses and Resources

This policy clarifies the expenses and allowances councillors may claim in undertaking their role.

Elected Members' Expenses / Resources (47kb pdf)

External Representatives’ Remuneration

This policy provides clarity and consistency to how tangata whenua and community representatives are invited to participate in council decision-making processes and are nominally compensated.

External Representatives’ Remuneration (35kb pdf)

Fraud Prevention and Management Policy

Fraud Prevention and Management (145kb pdf)

Funding Depreciation & Use of Depreciation Reserves

This policy sets out the extent to which Council will fund depreciation expenditure and determines the uses of depreciation reserves.

Gambling Venues

This policy sets out to control the growth and to minimise the harm caused by class 4 and TAB venue gambling.

Gambling Venues (329kb pdf)

Grants for development contributions on Community Housing

This policy sets out the eligibility criteria and the application, assessment, approval and distribution processes for the Grant for Development Contributions on Community Housing.

Grants for development contributions on Community Housing (122kb pdf)

Grants for development contributions on Papakāinga Housing

This policy sets out the eligibility criteria and the application, assessment, approval and distribution processes for the Grant Fund for Development Contributions on Papakāinga Housing. 

Grants for development contributions on Papakāinga Housing (266kb pdf)

Large Water Users

This policy sets criteria for the efficient, sustainable and transparent allocation of water to large water users.

Large Water Users Policy (166kb pdf)

Libraries Level of Service Policy

This policy provides clear principles and levels of service for Tauranga’s libraries. This is a support policy to the Levels of Service Policy.

Libraries Level of Service Policy (132kb pdf)

Levels of Service

This policy provides clarity and guidance about how Council will set and describe levels of service.

Levels of Service (112kb pdf)

Libraries Archives Policy

This policy applies to archive materials in analogue and digital format held by Tauranga City Libraries. This includes (but is not limited to): documents, photographs, books, maps, oral histories, artworks and material made publicly available on Pae Korokī. 

Library Archives Policy (60kb pdf)

Local Alcohol Policy

This policy aims to minimise alcohol related harm for a safer and healthier western Bay. This is a joint policy with Western Bay of Plenty District Council, made under the s.75 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

Local Alcohol Policy (560kb pdf) 

Under review

Local Elections Policy

This policy ensures that election signs do not present a risk to safety, that council remains impartial in local elections, and the public has opportunities to meet candidates and learn about being an elected member.

NOTE: The maps in schedule one of the policy have been reviewed and updated to ensure that the signs do not present a traffic hazard or danger to public safety. Please refer to the updated approved election signage areas.

Local Election Policy (12kb pdf)

Māori Roadways  

Sets out the guidelines for the control and maintenance of roads through Māori land.

Road Ways – Maori (9kb pdf)

Handling Collection

This policy determines the use of and access to the Handling Collection, a part of the education equipment and materials of the Tauranga Heritage Collection available to teachers.

Handling Collection (23kb pdf)

Naming Policy

This policy provides a consistent approach to naming streets, reserves, community facilities and other public places. It ensures the identity of the city is recognised and maintained in the naming of public places, and encourages locally significant Māori names for streets, reserves, community facilities and other public places.

Naming Policy (60kb pdf)

Open Space Level of Service

This policy outlines our approach to the intended levels of service for the open space network in terms of quantity, quality, accessibility and function.

Open Space Level of Service Policy (315kb pdf)

Prioritising use of Indoor Facilities

This policy provides a framework for the prioritisation of the use of council’s indoor facilities and encourages a diverse range of activities to occur in the indoor facilities network. 

Prioritising use of Indoor Facilities (56kb pdf)

Procurement and related Guide for Evaluating Responses

This policy and guide outline the principles and concepts that apply to all council procurement to ensure all products, services and works are fit for purpose, value for money and are bought using commercially astute and appropriate processes.

Procurement (68kb pdf)

Property Acquisitions and Disposals

This policy sets out council’s approach to buying, selling or transferring property, and road stopping. It includes a right of first refusal for mana whenua to buy land classified as surplus at its assessed market value.

Property Acquisitions and Disposals (597kb pdf)

Protected Disclosures

This policy supports council’s responsibilities under the Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Act 2022 to promote the public interest by facilitating the disclosure and timely investigation of matters of serious wrongdoing in, or by, the council.

Protected Disclosures Policy (155kb pdf)

Protected Disclosures Procedure (209kb pdf)

Psychoactive Substances (Local Approved Products)

This policy informs any decision by the Psychoactive Substances Regulatory Authority on were approved psychoactive substances could be sold in Tauranga.

Psychoactive Substances (Local Approved Products) Policy (408kb pdf)

Public Toilet Location Level of Service

This policy sets out where council aims to locate public toilets and the technical specifications.

Toilet Location and level of service (36kb pdf)

Rates Postponement

This policy provides rating relief to ratepayers experiencing financial hardship and to ratepayers whose farmland has increased in value due to the potential residential, commercial or other non-rural use.

Rates Postponement (36kb pdf)

Rates Remission

This policy provides for rates remissions in particular circumstances.

Rates Remission (34kb pdf)


This policy clarifies the circumstances under which a referendum may be held and to ensure council's processes comply with statutory requirements.

Referenda - Consultation Policy

Remission and postponement of rates on Māori freehold land

This policy enables council to acknowledge the special circumstances where there is no occupier or person gaining an economic or financial benefit from the land.

Remission & Postponement of Rates on Maori Freehold Land (54kb pdf)

Response to Landslides Policy

This policy outlines how council will respond if a landslide occurs within Tauranga City Council boundaries.

Response to Landslides Policy (132kb pdf)

Revenue and Financing

This policy sets out the funding sources for council's activities over the next 10 years and the rationale for these choices. It also shows how council has complied with section 101(3) of the Local Government Act.

Revenue and Financing Policy 2021-2031 (227kb pdf)

This policy is supported by the Funding Needs Analysis (406kb pdf).

Risk Management

This policy provides a consistent process to enhance operations in order to increase the likelihood of achieving outcomes for the city by ensuring risk is consistently and managed and that we are legally compliant.

Risk Management Policy (206kb pdf)

Sewerage – Private Sewer Pump Stations

This policy sets out the responsibility for the cost of operating private sewer pump stations.

Sewerage - Private Sewer Pump Stations (9kb pdf)

Significance and Engagement

This policy guides when and how council will engage with the community, in line with the level of significance of a matter.

Significance and Engagement (249kb pdf)

Smokefree Places

This policy promotes a healthy and clean environment for our community by reducing the visibility of smoking and encouraging people not to smoke in identified public places.

Smokefree Places (22kb pdf)

Sponsorship from Corporates and Others

This policy clarifies boundaries within which council will accept corporate and other sponsorship opportunities for its activities and facilities. It also provides guidance to potential sponsors.

Sponsorship from Corporate and Others (62kb pdf)

Stormwater Reactive Reserve Fund

This policy provides guidelines for administrating the Stormwater Reactive Reserve Fund and its implementation.

Stormwater Reactive Reserve Fund Policy (186kb pdf)

Street Use Policy

This policy covers the leasing, licensing or use of streets (including road berms, road reserves and unformed roads).

Street Use Policy (141kb pdf)

Sub-regional Community Facilities Funding Evaluation

To guide the allocation of sub-regional community facility costs associated with growth between Tauranga and the Western Bay councils.

Subregional Community Facilities Funding Evaluation (70kb pdf)

Sub-regional Parks

This policy sets out how Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council will work together to provide, develop, manage and use sub-regional parks within the sub-region.

Subregional Parks Policy (28kb pdf)

Tangata Whenua Remuneration Policy

This policy establishes the remuneration for tangata whenua providing expert advice to council decision-making processes.

Tangata Whenua Remuneration Policy (28kb pdf)

Tauranga Marina

This policy sets out council's position on the Marina and form of licence agreement with the Tauranga Marina Society in order to provide affordable facilities for boat owners and Marina users.

Tauranga Marina (9kb pdf)

Tauranga Museum Collection

This policy defines the professional and institutional standards the museum will use to acquire and dispose of its collections.

Tauranga Museum Collection (80kb pdf)


This policy ensures investments and liabilities are managed in a prudent, effective and efficient manner.

Treasury (75kb pdf)

Use of council land

This policy provides a consistent approach to the use of council land by our community, private and commercial users.

Use of Council Land Policy (193kb pdf)

Use of Depreciation Reserves

Use of Depreciation Reserves (97kb pdf)

Use of Toxic Agrichemicals for Vegetation Management

This policy sets out to protect public health and the wider environment from undue harm and to provide effective vegetation management on council-maintained land.

Use of Toxic Agrichemicals for Vegetation Management (173kb pdf)

Vegetation and Tree Management

This policy relates to all vegetation and trees on council-owned or administered land. This includes (but is not limited to) parks, reserves and the berms on roads and urban streets

Vegetation and Tree Management Policy 2014 (131kb pdf)

Volunteer Community Participation

This policy provides a framework enabling community participation (where council has a level of involvement in the initiative) that seeks to achieve consistency and efficiency in the approach taken and ensure quality outcome

Volunteer Community Participation (145kb pdf)

Water Meter

This policy sets out the responsibilities for the management of water meters.

Water Meter Policy (201kb pdf)

Large Water Users Policy (166kb pdf)

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