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Policies support the decision making of Council, and ensure that the vision, mission and strategic direction of Council are consistently implemented.

Please contact the Strategic & Corporate Planning team at Council if you have any questions or wish to discuss these policies.

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Airspace Above Roads – Lease of (13kb pdf)

Appointment of Directors to Council Organisations (205kb pdf)

Active Reserve Level of Service (80kb pdf)


Bulk Fund Capital Expenditure (44kb pdf) 


Car Parking Building (10kb pdf)

Civic Art Collection (45kb pdf)

Coastal Structures (206kb pdf)

Community Gardens (47kb pdf)

Community Investment (30kb pdf)

Community Partnerships - Relationships - Other Cities (79kb pdf)

Community, Private and Commercial Use of Council Administered Land (34kb pdf)

Community Share (37kb pdf)

Connection of Private Stormwater Systems (9kb pdf)

Consultation with Tangata Whenua on Resource Consent Application (97kb pdf)

Council Land: Recognition of Tangata Whenua Interests and Aspirations Policy (340kb pdf)


Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy (177kb pdf)

Development Contributions

Dog Management (226kb pdf)

Domestic Water Supply Outside Specified Zones - assessing applications (29kb pdf)


Easter Sunday Shop Trading (172kb pdf)

Elder Housing Tenant Eligibility (41kb pdf)

Elected Members' Expenses / Resources (47kb pdf)

Encroachments onto Reserves (35kb pdf)

Events (307kb pdf)

Exclusive Burial Areas in Council Cemeteries (20kb pdf)

External Representatives’ Remuneration (35kb pdf)


Fluoridation (7kb pdf)

Fraud Prevention and Management (92kb pdf)


Gambling Venues (3mb pdf)

Guarantees Loan Funding (9kb pdf)


 I J K

Independent Hearings Commissioners (163kb pdf)

Interpretive Signage (30kb pdf)


Large Water Users Policy (166kb pdf)

Libraries Level of Service (40kb pdf)

Library Archives Policy (60kb pdf)

Levels of Service (112kb pdf)

Local Alcohol Policy (560kb pdf) (this policy comes into force on the 16 November 2015)

Local Elections (219kb pdf)

Local Elections Policy Map (11.5mb pdf)


Mobile Shops - Operation of (38kb pdf)

Museum - Heritage Handling Collection


Naming Policy (60kb pdf)

Network Operator Licences (13kb pdf)


Open Space Level of Service Policy (70kb pdf)

Operation of Markets and Stalls (72kb pdf)

Outdoor Spaces Booking Policy (78kb pdf)


Petitions (8kb pdf)

Prioritising use of Indoor Facilities (56kb pdf)

Procurement (68kb pdf)

Property Acquisition and Divestment Road Stopping (9kb pdf)

Protected Disclosures Policy (106kb pdf)

Psychoactive Substances (Local Approved Products) Policy (408kb pdf)

Public Art Policy (125kb pdf)




Referenda - Consultation Policy

Revenue and Financing Policy (61kb pdf)

Revised Bulk Funds

Risk Management Policy (376kb pdf)

Road Berms for Public Parking & for Planting on Berms in Front of Private Residences – occupation of (17kb pdf)

Road Reserves – Licences to Occupy (17kb pdf)

Road Reserves and Unformed Road – Licences for Occupation of (12kb pdf)

Road Ways – Maori (9kb pdf)


Sewerage - Private Sewer Pump Stations (9kb pdf)

Significance and Engagement (249kb pdf)

Smokefree Places (22kb pdf)


Strategic Acquisitions Fund Policy (294kb pdf)

Stewart Trust and Carruthers Trust Funds (112kb pdf)

Stormwater Reactive Reserve Fund Policy (186kb pdf)

Subregional Community Facilities Funding Evaluation (70kb pdf)

Subregional Parks Policy (28kb pdf)

Subsoil of Road – Lease of (12kb pdf)


Tauranga Marina (9kb pdf)

Tauranga Museum Collection (80kb pdf)

Temporary Commercial Activities on Reserve Land (44kb pdf)

Toilet Location and level of service (36kb pdf)

Toxic Agrichemicals for Vegetation Management - use of  (183kb pdf)

Treasury (247kb pdf)

Utilising Potable Water for Dust Control Technical Policy (140kb pdf)



Vegetation and Tree Management Policy 2014 (131kb pdf)


Water Meter Policy (201kb pdf)

Large Water Users Policy (166kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 28/09/2020


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