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Urban Strategy next steps

We need to understand our community’s perspectives so we can finalise the proposed strategy, while also planning for the initiatives required to implement the strategy in the years to come.

Some processes take a number of years to eventuate while early planning is essential we also need to allow for changes along the way.

Community consultation and engagement

First, we need our community to know about the urban strategy, what this new approach means for all of us, and to be comfortable with the direction we are proposing for the city. We will consult on the approach from 5 October to 5 November, to get feedback before we finalise the strategy.

We will be engaging with the community throughout all the stages of implementation of the strategy. We want our community to be fully involved in this journey, as a partner.

Regulatory preparation

We need to review our planning regulations to be able to bring the strategy to life in the future. This would involve a number of plan changes including a review of the City Living Zone and a review of other residential and commercial zones around the city. Plan changes take a long time, so we need to start preparing for this now.

Aligning with our sub-regional approach

We are working with other councils and partners in the western Bay of Plenty to develop a Future Development Strategy to be submitted to central government in December 2018. The Future Development Strategy will include details about our growth plans, including where and when growth can happen, and will ensure alignment of the Tauranga Urban Strategy with the sub-regional approach.

Identify where we could begin placemaking

We need to identify where we could start with proposed town centre placemaking, so that this can be included in the Future Development Strategy for consultation. 

Beginning placemaking means that we will start to partner with our communities to understand what their vision is for their area, and how they want to see it grow and change. It will also help to identify the types of investment that would be valued by each community. This is the beginning of an important conversation about growth, which includes investment in town centres. No decisions would be made on how a particular town centre would grow until the local community is involved and is part of developing the proposal. 

Te Papa peninsula/Cameron Road corridor: a good place to start?  

The Urban Strategy identifies the central Te Papa peninsula area as the best place to begin implementation. This is broadly the area from the Harbour Bridge through to Greerton.

Map of Te Papa Peninsula

The Te Papa peninsula has promising opportunities for placemaking and urban growth. Te Papa is well served for employment, education, healthcare and  transport. This area also has sufficient infrastructure capacity and a relatively resilient to natural hazards, making it a good place to start.

We will be including in our consultation this year that we would like to begin our focus on urban growth and placemaking in the city centre and along the Te Papa peninsula/Cameron Road corridor. We want to hear your feedback on this. 

To find out more about placemaking and what might be involved – check out these videos:

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Last Reviewed: 04/04/2019

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