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What's in the Tauranga Urban Strategy

Population growth creates more opportunities for our city, but it also means we need to accommodate everyone, while continuing to preserve and enhance our lifestyle and living choices.

Responding to our growth

Tauranga has the fourth smallest geographical area compared with other New Zealand cities. So we need to be smart about our use of space, balancing economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes for our community.  

Our focus

The Tauranga Urban Strategy suggests a new direction for how the city grows and changes, putting greater focus on redeveloping existing urban areas. It will place an emphasis on place-making of our town centres (including local shopping centres) to support more compact forms of housing, with quality public spaces, retail and other businesses.  

The core components of the urban strategy are:

  • a greater number of houses within the existing urban area
  • more growth focused in and around town centres
  • provision of greater housing choice and diversity including more smaller affordable homes
  • more people living within walking distance to shops, services and public transport
  • an enhanced public transport network to service growing town centres and
  • investment in infrastructure, facilities, services, amenity, streetscape and quality urban design in and around town centres.


Tauranga Urban Strategy summary (6mb pdf)

Full document in three parts

Introduction and context (4mb pdf) Vision and outcomes (4mb pdf) Implementing the strategy (1mb pdf)

Tauranga Urban Strategy IntroductionTauranga Urban Strategy VisionTauranga Urban Strategy Implementation

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Last Reviewed: 08/10/2018

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