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City Plan

The City Plan provides the rules for how people can build or develop the land they own

Part A - Objectives, Policies and Rules

Part A – Objectives, Polices and Rules – Seal Affixed (55kb pdf)

Table of Plan Change Dates for City Plan (51kb pdf)

Part B - Plan Maps

There are two general maps for each area of the City.

These are:

L # The "L" stands for "Left" and is on the left side of the maps book. These maps show land use zones, designated public works, and some specific features such as the Flood Hazard Plan Area and protected trees.

R # The "R" stands for "Right" and is on the right side of the maps book. These maps are an aerial photo showing area subject to specific rules in the Plan, such as the Coastal Hazard Plan Area and Archaelogical sites. 

Part B - Plan Maps - Seal Affixed (95kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 18/09/2018

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