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Tauranga has a sprinkler and irrigation system ban in place 


Housing choice - infrastructure capacity

To enable more housing choice, with more compact types of homes in existing urban areas, we need to ensure our infrastructure network is capable of handling the needs of more people in one place. 

Enabling more growth in existing urban areas is more efficient than developing whole new suburbs, as existing infrastructure capacity can be used and more people can be serviced by the infrastructure investment. But it requires our networks to be capable of handling the needs of more people.

We have undertaken modelling of water, wastewater and transport to understand the capacity of our existing (and future) network to accommodate the expected uptake of growth that would likely be delivered in the short term by the proposed Housing Choice plan change in existing urban areas. This modelling has shown that the existing trunk network can accommodate the level of development expected as an outcome of the plan change or otherwise supported by already planned trunk network upgrades. Some further assessment will need to be required through the resource consent process to ensure local network capacity exists at the development site level for a comprehensively designed development (more than two dwellings on a site).

Stormwater has been considered through Plan change 27 – Flooding from intense rainfall.

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