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Housing choice - natural hazards

We need to enable more housing choice, but as we do so we also need to ensure we properly understand and mitigate risks from natural hazards.

We are working to make it easier for people to build more compact homes in Tauranga, like duplexes, terraced houses and apartments, through changes to the city plan.

The aim is to enable more choice to suit people's housing needs, and to accommodate our growing population both in central areas like the Te Papa peninsula, and across the suburban residential zone in the wider city.

We need to make sure we can comply with the Regional Policy Statement for the Bay of Plenty, which requires that natural hazard risk is assessed and managed before development occurs. So we have undertaken a city-wide risk assessment to understand the natural hazards within the suburban residential zone.  

This assessment has identified that some areas are not suitable for future growth because of their high natural hazard risk (such as erosion, inundation, liquefaction and lateral spread). We are currently unable to reduce this risk and therefore some areas have been excluded from where Plan Change 26 applies and intensification can occur. Applying exclusion areas gives effects to the Regional Policy Statement (i.e. an avoidance approach so as not to increase the risk). It also ensures that we are not encouraging people to build higher density in unsuitable locations.

Map: residential areas where PC26 applies (1.4mb pdf)

The Te Papa peninsula, where we’re looking at enabling increased density such as apartment living and townhouses/terraced houses, is generally low risk from natural hazards.

Flooding from intense rainfall

How can we enable more housing choice without increasing flood risk?

In parallel with the Housing Choice plan change we’re proposing a plan change on flooding, which looks at the rules we would need to have in place to enable future development and redevelopment in Tauranga without increasing the risk of flooding from intense rainfall events. This work is crucial as we work to enable more compact types of dwellings in Tauranga.

Plan Change 27 has developed a new rule framework to reduce the risk of flooding in three types of areas: flood prone areas, floodplains and overland flowpaths. It also addresses the topic of impervious surfaces.

More information on Plan Change 27: Flooding from intense rainfall

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