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Mahinga whare taone i te rohe ahumoni

Residential activities in the commercial zone

We want to ensure that dwellings that are built in commercial areas create both great spaces to live in, and great neighbourhoods.

We’re proposing some changes to provisions for residential activities in the Commercial Zone. Residential activities in the commercial zone will be subject to a restricted discretionary activity status, rather than the current permitted status. This approach requires residential activities to be above ground floor as part of mixed-use development. 

There will also be a stronger focus on amenity and urban design outcomes through the consent process. In addition, density limits have been removed and height limits have been increased in identified areas. 

Similar to the approach to four or more units or storeys in the residential zones, residential activities will be non-notified providing that all the standards and assessment criteria are achieved. 

We are proposing to incorporate objectives, policies and matters of discretion into Chapter 17A that link back to relevant outcomes in the Residential Outcomes Framework, particularly around on-site amenity, movement and safety for residents. 

residential activities in the commercial zone

Changes will make sure that residential buildings work well in commercial zones

Urban design assessment criteria

To ensure new builds look good, meet community needs and are great spaces to live in, new policies and assessment criteria are proposed to support good urban design outcomes in the city. These will apply to residential activities in the Commercial Zone.

We have prepared an urban design guide, the Residential Outcomes Framework, that provides guidance on how these policies and assessment criteria can be met.

Find out more about the proposed residential outcomes framework

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