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Plan Changes 26 and 28 – Intensification Plan Changes

Our city is growing fast and we need to use land carefully to ensure we have enough homes for people to live. 

Right now, the rules (or framework) in place for residential and commercially zoned land don’t support using land more effectively. As a result, our community currently has a limited choice of  dwelling types available, such as apartments or duplexes.

We are currently reviewing and propose to make changes to the Suburban Residential, City Living and Commercial zones within our City Plan to allow different dwelling types to be built.

While we consider the options to deliver a variety of housing types we are developing evidence and undertaking testing.

Intensification Plan Changes are intended to:

  • help address our residential development capacity constraints (shortage of developable land)
  • enable more housing choice through a variety of housing types and site sizes
  • reduce pressure on urban expansion and the associated infrastructure costs by enabling more intensification of existing urban areas and 
  • deliver a more compact city as outlined in the draft Future Development Strategy and draft Tauranga Urban Strategy.

Intensification Plan Changes will help us:

  • provide further policy guidance and controls for higher density development
  • provide for comprehensively planned residential development such as apartments in appropriate locations
  • provide greater direction on design and ensuring buildings and areas of outdoor space are well positioned on sites.

Next steps

We are currently drafting and testing the plan change provisions. In parallel we are looking into using the streamlined planning process, a planning pathway provided through the Resource Management Act and approved by the Minister for the Environment, as an alternative to the standard Schedule 1 planning process we usually use for plan changes. Read more about this here

Engagement with the community on the proposed plan changes is progressing initially through the Te Papa project. Further engagement and a formal submission/notification process will take place over 2019/2020.

Te Papa: your community

The area of land that runs from the Harbour Bridge to Barkes Corner, including the Avenues and Gate Pā, is a central location that offers the opportunity to accommodate a wider range of housing. This is also known as the Te Papa peninsula. 

We are in the early stages of engaging with the community in Te Papa to create a 30 year plan for the future growth of this area. This will help inform and refine the Intensification Plan Changes.

Find out more about Te Papa peninsula

Council reports

Note on government requirements

The government’s proposed National Policy Statement (NPS) on urban development, released in September 2019, stressed the urgency for urban growth areas in New Zealand to grow up as well as out, and for district plan rules to become more enabling of intensification. In this proposal the government has identified Tauranga as a ‘major urban centre’ which would need to meet more stringent growth requirements, which we would then need to reflect in our planning rules. We expect the final NPS to be released around July 2020, and acknowledge this may impact the outcomes of the intensification plan changes, and of our spatial planning work in the Te Papa peninsula. We will keep you informed along the way.



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