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Right now, our focus is on supporting your welfare and maintaining the essential services you rely on like water, sewage and transport. Some other services are disrupted though, and most public facilities are shut. Find out what's happening with our services, facilities, parks and venues: www.tauranga.govt.nz/covid19  |  For information on coronavirus: covid19.govt.nz  |  Stay safe and be kind to one another - kia kaha Tauranga.


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24-hour work starts on harbour crossing project

A short period of 24-hour work is about to begin on Southern Pipeline harbour crossing project. Subject to specialist equipment arriving on-site, this work is likely to begin Friday, 20 July.

We will be installing the steel pipes through a 1.6km hole that has been drilled under the harbour. Work needs to take place continuously in order to keep the hole open and the steel pipes moving as they are winched and thrust from Memorial Park through to Matapihi. 

The steel pipes will be lifted up into the air by cranes at Memorial Park, and positioned ready to be pushed through the hole. They will also be pulled by steel drill rods from the drilling machine at the Matapihi side. Once the steel pipe is across the 1.6km section under the harbour, plastic pipes will be pushed through, which will ultimately carry the wastewater.

This phase of the project will require work to be undertaken for 24-hours a day, for a minimum period of three consecutive days and up to seven consecutive days. Consents have been granted for 24-hour work to take place. 

A number of noise mitigating measures have been put in place, such as silenced generators, to ensure limited disruption during this phase of work. Noise on site will be carefully monitored to ensure it stays well below national standards and consented levels. 

Once this phase of work is completed, the next phase will be to connect the pipe to the previously constructed pipeline at Matapihi Road and to the pump station at Memorial Park, and begin testing. Work sites will then be reinstated back to their original or improved condition. 

Should you have any concerns or questions during this period of work you can contact a member of the project team from Tauranga City Council any time night or day on 027 212 8546.

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Posted: Jul 20, 2018,

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