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Water Supply Bylaw, Water Meter Policy and Large Water Users Policy consultation open

Have your say on the proposed changes to Tauranga City Council’s draft Water Supply Bylaw, and the new policies on Water Meters and Large Water Users.

The formal consultation process is an opportunity for the community to have their say on the proposed changes before they become law.

The consultation closes at 5pm on Friday, 30 November.

Water Supply Bylaw 2018

The water supply bylaw sets rules for accessing and using Council’s water supply, protecting the water supply network and the responsibilities for maintenance and repair.

Proposed changes: 

  • Adding a section that specifies all the situations where people need to apply for Council approval to access the water supply, to ensure the water network and supply are protected.
  • Clarifying the ‘Point of supply’ and ‘Points of responsibility’, to clearly identify the boundary of responsibility between Council and customer.
  • Introducing a requirement for Council to be notified before particular types of works are carried out at short distances to the water supply network, to ensure that all parts of our water supply network are protected from potential damage.
  • Specifying requirements for the use of backflow prevention devices and for customers to notify Council of any change of use that may impact backflow risk, to reduce the health and safety risk to the community.
  • Clarifying the council’s ability to impose water restrictions, to help ensure there’s an adequate supply of drinking water at all times.
  • Removing the description of how water use will be estimated when the water meter is unable to record water use, which will be covered by the proposed Water Meter Policy.

Draft Water Meter Policy

Water meters are an important part of Tauranga’s water supply network.

The council has developed a new water meter policy to set out:  

  • who is responsible for managing water meters
  • how the council estimates water use where a water meter cannot record the actual water consumption
  • the process for requesting a test for water meter accuracy 

The current water supply bylaw provides most of this information but the council is proposing to create a separate water meter policy, so that everything the community needs to know about water meters is in one place.

Draft Large Water Users Policy

The council is also proposing a new Large Water Users Policy to set out our priorities for supplying water.

Under the policy, the council will assess anyone applying to use over 15m3 of water a day on a range of factors, to determine if the activity is an efficient use of our water supply and wastewater services.

Have your say

The council is asking the community to provide feedback on the revised bylaw and new policies.

You can provide feedback on by visiting the council’s website and completing the online submission forms.

Paper copies are also available at the customer service centre at 91 Willow Street, and in all local libraries.

Submission hearings will take place early next year.

Feedback will be used to inform and propose a final revised bylaw and policies for adoption.

For more information, and to make a submission, visit www.tauranga.govt.nz/waterconsultation

Posted: Oct 30, 2018,
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