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Durham Street project update - Friday, 25 January 2019

We have some exciting progress to celebrate on the project this week. Along with another section of concrete roadway poured earlier in the week, there has been good progress on the footpath preparation.

Preparing metal base of footpath
Photo: Preparing metal base of footpath

Durham Street

The main focus of the footpath between the University and Spring Street is to ensure access for pedestrians to and from the University in late February, including:

  • Laying the concrete footpath past the Davista building.
  • Continuing to prepare the base for the footpath up to the University entrance.
  • Continuing to connect stormwater and water to property boundaries.
  • Preparing and pouring more sections of concrete on the roadway.

Spring Street and Durham Street Intersection

The connection between the existing roads and the new concrete pavement will also happen shortly. This will allow us to divert the traffic onto the new concrete pavement and begin work on the other side of the intersection. The work includes:

  • Preparing the footpath areas for cobblestone paving work on the Davista & WINZ corners.
  • Constructing the area between the existing and new road on Spring Street and Durham Street.

Preparing boxing for concrete outside of Davista
Photo: Preparing boxing for concrete outside of Davista

Durham Lane

  • Work continues on the southern section (from Bongard Centre to the University) of the lane as we prepare and install the concrete drainage channel and work with Hawkins on the connectivity between the University site and the Durham Lane construction.
  • Once this section is complete, work on the section between the University and Cameron Road will start which involves installing a new drainage channel and a new asphalt surface.   
  • Both these sections will be complete prior to the opening of the University.

Traffic management remains the same as per map below:

Durham Street update

Please contact Chris Roden if you have any concerns or questions.

Posted: Jan 25, 2019,


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