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Excellent recycling at Sand to Surf

Congratulations to the Generation Homes Sand to Surf, part of the Banana Boat NZ Ocean Swim Series for the fantastic job they did managing waste at their event. An impressive 95% of all waste generated at the event was recycled and diverted from landfill!

The event was held at Mount Maunganui Main Beach on 9 February 2019 and involved around 2,500 swimmers and supporters Generation Homes Sand to Surf engaged local company Waste Watchers Ltd to help minimise event waste and keep the beautiful Mount beach clean.

Marty Hoffart from Waste Watchers stationed his staff at the event’s rubbish, recycling and food waste bins to help event participants put their waste in the correct bin.

“The best way to reduce waste at events is to ensure that any packaging that’s used on the day is recyclable, and that people put waste items in the right bins,” said Mr Hoffart.

“Out of a total of 137.7kg of waste generated at the Sand to Surf event, only 6.7kg actually went to clandfill. The rest was recycled.”

Well done Sand to Surf and Waste Watchers – a great result!

Surf to Sand

Photo: Marty Hoffart, Waste Watchers Ltd
Photo credit: Jamie Troughton, Describe Media.

Posted: Feb 25, 2019,
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